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The Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance prohibits a property owner from terminating a tenancy without good or just cause.

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All units covered by the Rent Adjustment Program are also covered under the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance. However, if your unit is not covered under RAP, it may still be covered under this ordinance.

This ordinance defines good or just cause for an eviction as the following:

  • The tenant has not paid their rent
  • The tenant has continued to violate a provision of the lease after written notice to stop.
  • The tenant refused to sign a new lease that is identical to the old one (when the old one expires.)
  • The tenant has substantially damaged the unit and refused to stop damaging it or pay for repairs after written notice.
  • The tenant has continued to disturb other tenants and neighbors after written notice to stop.
  • The tenant uses the unit for for something illegal (like selling drugs).
  • The tenant will not let the owner into the apartment, even with a 24 hours’ written notice.
  • The owner wants to move back into the unit, if allowed by a written agreement with the tenant or it is allowed by the lease.
  • The owner or family member wish to move into the unit. Except if the tenant is:
    • 60 years or older
    • disabled
    • catastrophically ill
  • The owner wants to remove the unit from the market through the Ellis act.
  • The owner wants to perform substantial upgrades to the unit which cannot be completed with the tenant living there.

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