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If you are an Oakland renter and your home is in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure, you may have the right to stay.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have the right to stay in your home, even if you have been asked to leave or threatened by a bank, agent, lawyer or landlord. Whether you want tenant rights counseling or legal services, contact the Oakland Tenant Defense Hotline at (510) TENANTS (836-2687). This hotline is staffed by Causa Justa :: Just Cause, a nonprofit housing rights organization and funded by the City of Oakland.

Tenants’ Rights

  • The new owner, usually a bank, cannot immediately raise the rent or evict you without proper, written legal notice.Foreclosure itself is not a “just cause” for eviction under Oakland’s “Just Cause” Ordinance. (Not all rental units are covered by Just Cause, so call the Hotline for more information.)
  • Failure to pay rent is a “just cause” for eviction. To protect yourself, continue paying rent & keep receipts (or if you’re not sure who to pay, save your rent).
  • You do not have to accept “cash for keys.”
  • The new owner must pay any utilities for which your previous landlord was responsible under your rental agreement (oral or written). Call the Hotline if your utilities are cut off or threatened to be cut off.