CURB Analysis

Pathways to Deep GHG Reductions in Oakland: Executive Summary


Pathways to Deep GHG Reductions in Oakland: Final Report


Between September 2016 and February 2018, the City of Oakland worked with Bloomberg Associates to identify opportunities and measure the impact of deep GHG reductions, utilizing a new climate planning tool called CURB. CURB was developed by the World Bank, C40, Global Covenant of Mayors, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and many others to assist cities create climate action plans. CURB is designed to:

• Provide ‘strategic-level’ analysis to help the City identify and prioritize low carbon infrastructure and GHG reduction actions
• Help cities make the best use of limited funding by focusing on the actions with greatest impact
• Allow cities to quickly see the emission implications and cost effectiveness of potential actions

Oakland is the first city in North America to use the tool in-depth as a key input to its climate planning and will share its experience as a pilot with other interested cities.