Construction and Demolition Recycling Service Providers

These are non exclusive, certified hauling companies available for all of Oakland

As of August 1, 2018

NOTE: The City of Oakland is establishing new Non-Exclusive Franchise (NEF) agreements effective September 1, 2018. After September 1, C&D haulers without a fully executed NEF agreement will be removed from listing and will not be permitted to take on new business in Oakland.

For any Construction & Demolition Recycling Plan (CDRP) submitted between now and August 31, 2018, builders need to confirm with their C&D hauler that the hauler either (a) has a fully executed C&D NEF agreement with the City, or (b) is on track to meet the August 31st deadline. If a hauler is not authorized (i.e., fully executed NEF agreement), then the builder must select a different C&D hauler.

**Certified local trucking service provider under the City’s Local and Small Local Business Enterprise (L/SLBE) Program.