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City Council Salary

​The Oakland City Charter requires the Public Ethics Commission to adjust the salary for City Councilmember each year according to the increase in the Consumer Price Index for the preceding year.

Date Posted: August 31st, 2018 @ 3:44 PM
Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 @ 7:59 PM

The Commission may authorize an additional increase beyond the required adjustment, up to a total maximum increase of 5 percent. Payroll adjustments take effect on the first payroll period after the beginning of the new fiscal year. Councilmembers may voluntarily decline the salary increase and receive less than the Commission-authorized salary.

The table below shows salary increases approved by the Commission as required by law since 2004.

Year PEC Authorized Increase (%) Salary Amount with Increase ($)
January 20186.6 (CPI)91,018.25
January 2016 4.7 (CPI) 85, 382.97
June 2014 2.4 (CPI) 81,550.11
June 2013 2.4 (CPI) 79,638.78
July 2012 2.1 (CPI) 77,772.25
June 2011 2.8 (CPI) 76,172.62
June 2010 1.7 (CPI) 74,097.88
June 2009 0.8 (CPI) 72,859.28
June 2008 2.9 (CPI) 72,281.04
June 2007 5 70,243.94
July 2006 4 66,899.04
July 2005 2.1 (CPI) 64,326.08
June 2004 5 63,003.94

For more information, see the staff memorandum to the City Administrator, as well as the Public Ethics Commission's resolution, passed 6-0 at the February 5, 2018 Commission meeting.

Also see the HR Memo Regarding Councilmember/Compensation