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Get Donated Refreshments for Volunteer Events

​Providing snacks and refreshments can be a good way to keep volunteers energized, happy, and hydrated during volunteer events. A strategically timed snack break can be a good time for socializing as well as regrouping for additional tasks or priorities of the work day.

Donation Request Template

Carta modela para pedir donaciones


Donation "Thank You" Letter Template

Carta modela para dar la gracias


A few snacks can go a long way towards volunteer satisfaction, which can contribute to volunteer performance, as well as return visits to your projects.

With some advance planning you may be able to secure donated snacks and refreshments for your volunteer event. Many local businesses are happy to contribute to community causes and efforts to support and associate with these efforts. Some companies have social responsibility and community service mandates to donate and volunteer for the community. Many businesses such as bakeries, produce markets, and coffee shops have ongoing donation policies that help them help the community through donations of perishable goods that would otherwise go to waste and be thrown out at the end of the day.

Investigate Donor Requirements
 Check the organization’s website for posted donation policies or talk to an on‐site manager
 Would your event or organization be eligible?
 How much advance notice is required?
 What documentation is needed to make a request?

Making the request
 Make your request in the manner required by the donor
 Try to time your donation discussion to non‐busy times

Request letter
 On your organization’s letterhead
 Include your organization’s tax ID number if you have one
 Customizable templates available here in English, Spanish, and Chinese
 Personalize the letter and make the connection of the project to the business you are approaching

Picking up donations
 Find out the pickup logistics and plan your trip accordingly
 Bring your documentation of the donor’s agreement when making the pickup

Thank you/Acknowledgement letter
 Include information about what was accomplished, how the business was acknowledged to the volunteers, and how the donated goods were appreciated by the volunteers.
 Consider taking a photo of the volunteer group with the donated goods to include with the letter.
 Some businesses proudly display such thank you letters for their customers and community to see.
 See above for customizable templates

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.