West Street Road Diet Project

W Grand Avenue to 52nd Street



The City is redesigning West Street between West Grand Avenue and 52nd Street, with the goal of reducing traffic collisions and speeding thus making the street safer for residents, and more comfortable for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project is part of the Department of Transportation’s three-year paving plan and will implement recommendations in Oakland's Pedestrian Plan and Bicycle Plan.

In the Documents section below, find the project feasibility study, appendices, the draft striping plan, and a mailer sent to residents.

Project Design Elements

The project will pave the length of the street, upgrade curb ramps to meet accessibility standards, and install buffered bike lanes and high-visibility crosswalks. Other features include:

  • raised pedestrian safety islands at six crosswalks;
  • raised corner islands to slow turning vehicles and shorten bicycle and pedestrian crossings at 27th Street and W MacArthur Boulevard; and
  • a median refuge area for northbound bicyclists crossing San Pablo Ave created by removing the northbound left turn pocket at Isabella St.

The project will replace the two-way center turn lane with a six-foot wide striped median and add striped buffers to the existing bike lanes. See Feasibility Study and draft design.

UPDATE: Based on feedback gathered during public outreach for the project, the City has developed additional traffic calming measures along West St, to be delivered with the Project. The additional traffic calming measures include one speed hump, six speed cushions (with emergency vehicle pass-throughs), and two asphalt concrete raised intersections. The City’s goals in adding these measures include further reductions to speeding, stop-sign running, and other reckless driving behaviors, above the expected outcomes of the base Project. Detailed exhibits showing the proposed additional traffic calming measures can be found in the Documents section below.

Geographic Context

West Street from W Grand Avenue to 52nd Street is a collector roadway, 1.6 miles in length, connecting Oakland’s Hoover-Foster, Longfellow, and Santa Fe neighborhoods. To the north, it connects to the 52nd Street/Genoa Street Neighborhood Bike Route (Bicycle Boulevard), and to the south with bike lanes on W Grand Avenue. It intersects with existing bikeways at San Pablo Avenue, 27th Street, W MacArthur Boulevard, and 40th Street, as well as proposed bikeways at 42nd Street and 45th Street. School crosswalks serve “The Center” food education school (OUSD), Hoover Elementary, The Oakland Military Institute, and Yu Ming Charter School. Bike lanes were first installed on West Street 1997 (the City's second bike lane facility).



Map of Project: West Street Road Diet Project


July/August 2020
2021 - 2022