Triangle Incident Response

Crisis responders from the DVP and violence interrupters from DVP-funded organizations respond within one hour of activation to shootings in Oakland that are related to network conflicts or gender-based violence (GBV). This process is known as the Triangle Incident Response, and it is initiated when the DVP receives a notification of a shooting from the Oakland Police Department. The DVP maintains a staff of three individuals who respond to incidents related to network conflicts and three individuals who respond to incidents related to GBV. These staff are assigned to respond on a rotating schedule by day of the week, with one network responder and one GBV responder on call at all times. Violence interrupters employed by DVP-funded organizations are similarly assigned to respond based on days of the week and regions of Oakland. 


The DVP’s response to these scenes is intended to accomplish the following goals:

  • Interrupt immediate efforts to retaliate by requesting a 72-hour pause from impacted parties and simultaneously activating violence interrupters and other credible messengers to facilitate mediation conversations.
  • Reduce community trauma by offering prompt services and support to victims and family members.
  • Improve community views of government by demonstrating a consistent and compassionate response from DVP staff.
  • Develop trusting relationships with individuals impacted by gun violence in order encourage service uptake and facilitate future mediation activities.
  • Identify intersections of network violence and GBV in order to best prevent future violence and support victims, family members, and peers with services.

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