San Antonio Park Master Plan

Funded by Measure KK

Start date:
Jan 13, 2021
Completion date:
Dec 31, 2021



*Note: American Sign Language (ASL) will be provided upon request on 3/23 & 3/25 -email

NEW - PROJECT DOCUMENTS (see "Documents" section below)

  • Community Engagement Meeting #2 Flyer
  • San Antonio Park Master Plan - Public Engagement/Process Diagram
  • Letter from Wendy Jung and City's Responses & Resolution No. 88240
  • Fire Station 4 - Project Development/Status Diagram
  • Fire Station 4 - Service Area



How much Measure KK funding is available for San Antonio Park? Currently, approximately $1M is available, and a portion of that amount will be used for the master planning process and the remainder will be applied toward identified park renovations and improvements.

Why spend money on a new Master Plan? The investment in a new Master Plan that outlines both the needed improvements and associated rough costs, will enable OPRYD (Oakland Parks Recreation and Youth Development) to more readily seek funding. This is especially true for state grants which often require an adopted Master Plan of sorts that has been developed through a robust community engagement process demonstrating diversity, equity, and inclusion; the old 2003 Master Plan is a schematic drawing that was never adopted by City Council nor identifies cost estimates or a clear community engagement process.

I wasn't able to attend the first community engagement meeting - how can I participate in the master planning process? Presentation slides of the meeting can be found in the Documents section below in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Also, the Project Webpage will continue to be updated with upcoming community engagement meetings, survey links, and other project-related documents.

What was the process in identifying San Antonio Park as a potential location for the Oakland Fire Station #4 relocation and what is the project status? Please refer to the Fire Station 4 - Project Development/Status Diagram in the "Documents" section below.

Why can’t Fire Station #4 remain in its current location? Fire Station #4 is over 100 years old and the building is past its useful life. Its size, configuration, and infrastructure cannot support modern emergency response equipment, safety requirements, and personnel. Station 4’s service area requires vehicles that cannot be housed on the property and due to its location on International Blvd, response times are negatively affected because of maneuvers required to exit and return to the station.

What about nearby vacant lots like the one across from San Antonio Park? The City’s Real Estate staff have researched this vacant lot, along with other potential properties within the service area of Fire Station #4 over the course of a year and a half but have found them unsuitable or not for sale.

What about the noise generated from the Fire Station? Fire stations in residential areas have several ways of mitigating noise. For example, sirens are generally not used unless an intersection must be cleared; modern hydraulics allow for the operation of doors with minimal noise; other types of equipment such as generators are insulated or baffled, to name a few.

What is the funding source for the Fire Station #4 project and what impact will it have on the funding allotted for San Antonio Park? The replacement of Fire Station #4 is a defined project, also through Measure KK, but with a separate account, and will not have any impact on the allotted funding for San Antonio Park. Resolution No. 88240, in which the City Council approved the design for Fire Station #4, can be found in the "Documents" section below.


The City is rolling out a master plan process for San Antonio park to surface and organize community needs and goals for the park, and to set shared priorities especially for services and programming given existing amenities, limited resources, and significant community needs. The San Antonio Park Master Planning team will review existing documentation (including the 2003 Master Plan), historical documents and any recent improvements to provide an updated Long-Range Master Plan upon which the City of Oakland can develop a proposed Capital Improvement Plan for future funding and implementation.

A series of three community meetings will be held via ZOOM as well as community surveys conducted. The first community meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to express ideas and/or concerns regarding future improvements. A community survey will be available following this meeting. The second Community Engagement Meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to learn the results of the initial survey and how this input may affect options for improvements to the park. A second community survey will follow this meeting. A third Community Engagement Meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to see how the prioritized options are illustrated in the Master Plan.

This page will continue to be updated with Community Meeting Presentations, survey links, survey results and other information. We welcome your participation!




Map of Project: San Antonio Park Master Plan

About San Antonio Park Field: Hilltop park with tennis & basketball courts, a playground, soccer field, picnic area & gardens

1701 E. 19th St
Oakland, CA 94606


Community Engagement Meeting #1
January 2021 (1/27, 1/29, 1/30)
Community Engagement Meeting #2
March 2021 (3/23, 3/24, 3/25)
Community Engagement Meeting #3
May 2021
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
Summer 2021
Planning Commission
Summer 2021
City Council
Fall 2021