Safe Route to Transit College Ave from Broadway to Alcatraz Avenue

The City of Oakland will install bulbouts, bike lanes, crosswalks, conduct traffic signal modifications and sidewalk repairs, and repave College Ave from Broadway to Alcatraz Avenue.



Winter 2021 Update:

In October 2020, the City of Oakland responded to concerns of the College Avenue business community about long-awaited, long-needed paving construction and street improvements by agreeing to delay construction to the earliest opportunity in 2021. We are writing to provide the update that this work is now imminent.

As agreed, the City will provide assistance to business owners with the removal and replacing of Flex Streets parklets to accommodate the paving schedule – the cost of which is being funded by the project itself. The contractor has been in contact with all known parklet owners to begin coordinating the parklet removals, which will begin the week of February 1, 2021. Paving construction is expected to begin the following week, the week of February 8, 2021. When construction is complete parklets will be reinstalled at their previous locations.

This schedule is subject to delay due to weather and other factors – blocks will receive 72-hour notice “NO PARKING / TOW-AWAY” signs and door-hanger notifications as anticipated construction days are confirmed.

Fall 2020 Update:

The City of Oakland has heard the concerns of the business community about the disruption that construction will pose to the economic activity of the College Avenue corridor during this particularly sensitive time. In addition, resident's needs during the 7 days of planned milling and paving also remains a priority for the City. It is also our goal to repair our deteriorated pavement infrastructure, and deliver on important pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements. Additional constraints the project faces include fulfilling contract obligations, and meeting funding expenditure deadlines. To clarify, no single block would be impacted by paving for more than two days in a row. The City is actively discussing feasible options at an executive level and will respond to the community before commencing construction.