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Oakland Tree Inventory and Urban Forest Master Plan

Counting and measuring the City's trees so we can plan for a greener future

Start date:
Jan 2, 2020
Completion date:
Mar 31, 2022


The City of Oakland is inventorying all trees growing on our sidewalks, medians, and landscaped parks. This is a common practice in many cities across the world, as it provides data on how to best manage a city's trees.

Data collected will include size, species, and location of each tree. Estimated date of completion is December 2020.

Using this data and community feedback, Oakland will develop its first ever 50 Year Urban Forest Master Plan. This Plan will provide a long-term vision for the management and growth of the city's urban forest. Estimated date of completion is March 2022.

This project is funded by a grant from California Climate Investments via the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), and approved by City Council Resolution 87388.



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