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Oak Knoll Mixed Use Community

The Project is a Master Planned community on the former Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center (PLN15378), which is approximately 191 acres conisting of 918 residences, 72,000 sq ft of neighborhood commercial, 14,000 sq ft of civic/commercial use, open space, creek restorations, and trails.

Start date:
Nov 25, 2015


Project Description

The Project consists of a Master Planned community on approximately 191 acres at the former Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center Property at 8750 Mountain Boulevard. The site is bounded by Keller Avenue and Mountain Blvd. The Project includes:

• 918 residential units of varying types;

• 72,000 sq. ft. of neighborhood serving commercial in the Village Center;

• 14,000 square feet of civic/commercial use, including relocation of the historic Club Knoll to the center of the Project site with 4,000 sq. ft. of community space and 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial space;

• Approximately 67.6 acres of open space and recreation areas, including four new public parks, a system of trails, bikeways, and walkways;

• Restoration and enhancement of the Rifle Range Creek, Powerhouse Creek and Hospital Creek corridors (16.7 acres); and

• Street network designed as a "complete streets" for the safe and comfortable travel of all transportation modes.

The Sea West Federal Credit Union and Seneca Center are located on two parcels in the middle of the Project site and are not considered part of the Project. In addition, the Project does not include the 5.4 acre City of Oakland parcel (known as the Barcelona Parcel) located near Barcelona Street and St. Andrews Road.

The project was approved in November 2017 and included General Plan Amendments, Rezoning, Planned Unit Development/Preliminary Development Plan, Final Development Plan for Master Developer Site Improvements, Final Development Plan for Relocation and Rehabilitation of Club Knoll, Design Review, Vesting Tentative Tract Map, and a Creek Permit.


In 1996, the Naval Medical Center Oakland property was subject to a Final Reuse Plan that presented five land use alternatives for the reuse of the property. The Maximum Capacity Alternative within the Final Reuse Plan included a) 584 residential units, b) 400, 000 sq. ft. of commercial space, and c) 32 acres of open space. The Maximum Capacity Alternative was approved by the Oakland City Council as the preferred alternative.

In 2005, SunCal Oak Knoll, LLC proposed the “former Oak Knoll Project” which included 960 residential units, 82,000 sq. ft. of commercial space and 53 acres of open space. The “former Oak Knoll Project” was not approved. The approved project is a modified version of the 2005 “former Oak Knoll Project.” Major changes from that proposal include the following:
• Minor reduction in residential units
• Relocation of Club Knoll and inclusion of commercial space with the building
• Additional open space acreage
• No development on Admiral's Hill (also known as the knoll)

Developer Contact Information

Chris Hall, Platform Architecture,, 510-616-1761





Map of Project: Oak Knoll Mixed Use Community


FDP approval for Parcel 9
April 6, 2022
FDP approvals for Parcels 6 and 12
November 17, 2021
Planning Commission approval
October 18, 2017
Supplemental EIR was published and distributed
Study & Draft SEIR prepared for Oak Knoll
City Council certified EIS/EIR for Reuse Plan



Phone Numbers

Phone: (510) 504-7243