Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming

A neighborhood traffic calming study to effectively decrease traffic speeds, reduce cut-through traffic, and create a safer and more inviting environment for the Ney Avenue community.

Start date:
May 26, 2020
Completion date:
Apr 30, 2021


The Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study will collaborate with area residents and the Parker Elementary School community to develop a traffic calming plan to address vehicle speeding and cut-through traffic. The study area is bounded by 73rd Street to the west, 82nd Street to the east, Hillmont Drive to the north and MacArthur Boulevard to the south. Solutions may involve speed humps, traffic circles, curb extensions, and other physical changes to the street. OakDOT staff will collaborate with the community to develop a preferred plan, including near-term improvements that OakDOT maintenance staff can implement and long-term improvements that the City can deliver with paving projects or grant funding.




Map of Project: Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Ney Avenue Neighborhood



Project kick-off
June 2020
Data Collection
Summer 2020
Community Event #2
Fall 2020
Community Event #3
Winter 2021
Draft and Final Traffic Calming Plans
Winter 2021