Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Thank you for your participation in the Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan! Detailed design for traffic calming elements is now underway. Speed humps have been constructed on Ney, Outlook, and Hillmont. Our detailed design for traffic calming improvements has been delayed but continues to move forward with construction anticipated to be completed in June 2025.

Start date:
May 26, 2020
Completion date:
Jun 30, 2025


In May 2020, OakDOT partnered with area residents and the Parker Elementary School community to identify strategies to decrease traffic speeds, reduce cut-through traffic, and create a safer and more inviting environment for the Ney Avenue community. The study area is bounded by 73rd Avenue to the west, 82nd Avenue to the east, Hillmont Drive to the north and MacArthur Boulevard to the south. Solutions include speed humps, traffic circles, curb extensions, and other physical changes to the street. The plan's recommendations include near-term improvements such as speed humps and longer-term improvements that the City can deliver with paving projects or grant funding.

OakDOT staff are now at work designing traffic calming improvements, and these will be phased in over time. The first element was to repair existing speed humps and build new ones, which was complete in 2022.

What traffic calming treatments can you expect?

Concept designs have been prepared for the following treatments. OakDOT is now working on detailed designs to be used in construction.

Ney Speed Humps

Outlook Speed Humps

Hillmont Speed Humps

75th and Ney Diverter

Macarthur and 76th Turn Restriction

76th and Ney Traffic Circle

Ney and Partridge Curb Extension




Map of Project: Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Ney Avenue Neighborhood


Project Kick-off
June 2020, Complete
Data Collection and Community Outreach
Summer 2020 - Winter 2021, Complete
Draft and Final Traffic Calming Plans
Spring 2021, Complete
Design of Traffic Calming Improvements
In Progress
Speed Hump Construction
Completed in 2022
Construction of other Traffic Calming Elements
Expected by June 2025