MacArthur Smart City Corridor



The City of Oakland was awarded a grant from the Alameda County Transportation Commission to implement the MacArthur Smart City Corridor project, which will improve transit speeds and on-time performance of AC Transit buses. This project will extend the existing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) network with fiber cable to 62 traffic signals along 13 miles of MacArthur Boulevard and adjacent roadways - from east of Lake Merritt to the City of Oakland's border in East Oakland. Improvements will enhance mobility for all modes, including queue jump lanes at select locations and transit signal priority for buses; pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle detection for enhanced signal performance; curb ramps and sidewalks for pedestrian accessibility; and, communications for remote traffic operations, monitoring and signal maintenance.

This project also includes central hub network upgrades at the City Transportation Management Center and other communication hubs, and the development of a TSP performance monitoring interface for Oakland’s traffic signal system.

  • Phase 1 consists of 10.5 miles of fiber interconnect and 44 signalized intersections along Lakeshore Blvd, E. 18th St, Park Blvd, MacArthur Blvd, Foothill Blvd, and 98th Ave.;
  • Phase 2 consists of 2.5 miles of interconnect and 18 signalized intersections along 40th St (from Market St to Broadway) and W. MacArthur Blvd (Market St to Santa Clara St).

Along with upgrades to signals, intersections, and other transportation improvements, there will be changes to AC Transit bus stops along MacArthur Boulevard. Please review the exhibit (PDF) to see if bus stops near you are affected.

This project is led by OakDOT's Traffic Capital Projects team and is being closely coordinated with AC Transit.