Lake Merritt Water Quality Projects

Improving water quality in Lake Merritt, especially by reducing trash and increasing dissolved oxygen levels


One of Measure DD’s major goals is to improve the water quality in Lake Merritt, with an emphasis on reducing floatable trash and increasing dissolved oxygen levels.

The 12th Street and Lake Merritt Channel projects will help meet these goals by removing restrictive culverts and opening the Channel to greater flows.

The increased tidal exchange to and from the Bay will help mix and oxygenate the water, and provide more tidal flushing.

In addition to these downstream projects, Measure DD provides funds for other technologies to improve water quality.

These include aeration fountains, giant underground stormwater vortex trash separators, inlet trash screens, etc.


Measure DD and Watershed Program Manager

Terri Fashing (510) 238-7276

Project Updates

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