The Lake Merritt BART Bikeways Project installed high-quality bikeways serving Lake Merritt BART in early 2017. Most of the streets were also paved. The project striped buffered bike lanes on the one-way streets that serve the station from the north, south, east, and west:

  1. Madison St (19th St to 2nd St)
  2. Oak St (Embarcadero to 14th St)
  3. 8th St (Fallon St to Harrison St)
  4. 9th St (Harrison St to Fallon St)

The project upgraded all curb ramps in the paving area to current standard. Throughout the project area, travel lanes were be removed to create space for the bicycle lanes, resulting in new striping on all streets and improved pedestrian safety at crossings.

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last updated March 9, 2017