Head-Royce School Expansion Project

The Head-Royce School is proposing an expansion to extend the existing 14-acre campus across Lincoln Avenue to the site of the former Lincoln Children’s Center and to develop an integrated 22 acre campus serving a student population of 1250 at maximum buildout.

In Process
Start date:
Dec 20, 2018


Project Description

Increase Head-Royce School enrollment from 906 to 1250 students.

Construct a new South Campus on the Lincoln site serving grades K-12 in the performing arts, science, and math curriculum.

  • Link the Existing and Proposed South Campuses with a pedestrian tunnel under Lincoln Avenue and/or with an at-grade pedestrian crossing.
  • Provide a new internal loop road to provide off-street pick-up and drop-off.
  • Build 3 new buildings:
  • 16,000 square foot Performing Arts Center;
  • 1,500 square foot Maintenance Building;
  • 1,500 square foot Building linking to the pedestrian tunnel.
  • Restore 4 existing buildings:
  • 3 historic buildings to use for classrooms;
  • 1 building to use for administration or temporary employee housing.
  • Demolish 8 existing buildings.
  • Provide open space and a new commons.

Project Updates

The City has prepared a Transportation Impact Report (TIR) for this Project. This analysis was required by the City to ensure consistency with the General Plan and other adopted plans and policies. Read the report here.

The TIR included traffic simulation models that visually demonstrate traffic flow along Lincoln Avenue and provide a demonstration of the relative merits of the Loop Road as alleviating traffic congestion during the drop-off and pick-up periods. These simulations (.AVI format) can be downloaded and viewed from the following links:


The Head-Royce School is an existing K-12 school located at 4315 and 4465 Lincoln Ave. The existing school complex includes classrooms and administrative functions, a library, gym, auditorium, swimming pool, multipurpose sports field, outdoor tennis courts, and other outdoor play areas. The School currently operates under a 2016 Planned Unit Development Permit (PUD) which governs the use of the existing Campus for school activities and allows up to 906 students during the school year and two sessions of 780 students each during the summer. The PUD also allows parking on the former Lincoln Children’s Center site at 4360 Lincoln Avenue (Lincoln site) and use of an adjacent field at 4500 Lincoln Ave, home of Ability Now, for school sports. The Head-Royce School purchased the Lincoln site in 2013. The School is now requesting an amendment to its PUD to expand its physical campus to the Lincoln site, redevelop it as a new South Campus, and increase enrollment.

Developer Contact Information

Head-Royce School; (510) 531-1300; jmullaney@headroyce.org





Head-Royce School Project Map ImageHead-Royce School Expansion Project


CEQA Review Commenced, Currently Underway
December 2018
City Issued Notice of Preparation for CEQA Review
February 2019
City Issued Notice of Availability for CEQA Review
November 2021
Final Development Plan (FDP) Submitted
Final EIR Issued
February 2023