Fruitvale Alive!

A protected bike lane and pedestrian safety project on Fruitvale Avenue between E12th St and Alameda Ave



**PROJECT UPDATE: As of 8/31/2021 this project is advertised for construction. OakDOT expects the bidding, selection, and pre-construction phases to take 6 months, with Construction beginning in Winter 2022**

Fruitvale Avenue between E12th Street and Alameda Ave is critical gap in the City of Oakland's bikeway network. This stretch of roadway connects commuters and residents of Jingletown and the City of Alameda with the services, amenities, and high-quality public transit available around the Fruitvale BART Station. Home to numerous railroad crossings, the I880 underpass, and wide lanes that encourage high vehicle speeds, this corridor was the focus of a community planning and design effort from 2014 to 2016 where the City held multiple public meetings in the Fruitvale neighborhood. Following this outreach and design process, the City successfully applied for a California Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant for construction funding. This project will install the following elements on Fruitvale Avenue to improve safety and access for people using all modes of travel on Fruitvale - with a particular emphasis on people biking, walking, and taking the bus:

  • Widen the sidewalks by 5 to 7 feet on each side of Fruitvale Avenue
  • Install a sidewalk-level protected bike lane on the corridor connecting the Fruitvale Avenue Bridge to E12th Street and the Fruitvale BART Station
  • Create a new connection to a new segment of the SF Bay Trail through Jingletown
  • Close two "slip lanes" at the south side of intersection of Fruitvale and E12th (locations where cars make fast turns) and convert them into pedestrian and bicycle space
  • Improve the bicycle connection to the E7th Street bicycle route
  • Install pedestrian bulb-outs where feasible to reduce the crossing distance for people walking
  • Install new landscaping and greenery to beautify the corridor and improve air quality
  • Install new pedestrian-oriented sidewalk lighting along the corridor

Please reach out to Charlie Ream at with any questions.




Map of Project: Fruitvale Alive!


Community Engagement and Design
2014 - 2016
Final Design
End of 2020
Advertise Project for Construction
January 2021
Community Notification Regarding Construction
Winter/Spring 2021
Construction Begins
Summer 2021
Project Close
Winter 2023