East Oakland Mobility Action Plan

"All East Oaklanders have access to, and choices within, a local and regional transportation system that is safe, efficient, and affordable, and connects them to the places they need to thrive. The City will partner with local residents, community groups, small businesses and other transportation agencies to minimize displacement and gentrification and acknowledge historical injustices.”


Planning Process Begins

Summer - Fall 2019

Outreach Process Begins

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

Programs, Policies, & Projects Development

Fall 2020

Final Plan Document

Early 2021

Project Location


Updated on 1/14/2020


East Oaklanders deserve equitable, low-cost, implementable, and safe transportation options. The East Oakland Mobility Action Plan (East Oak MAP) comes at the right time to coordinate with other major planning processes and investments in East Oakland. We hope to streamline various conversations to respect community member’s time, reach more people, and leverage all available funding resources. Visible change has been limited, despite the many conversations and planning studies underway or completed, and even written resource commitments for East Oakland. East Oak MAP must build on the many issues and opportunities already voiced by the community and push this conversation forward into real and meaningful actions.

In order to ensure East Oakland resident’s voices are lifted and are active participants in the transportation planning process, OakDOT will work with Community Based Organizations:

  • East Oakland Collective – will lead community transportation conversations through their ongoing grassroots work toward racial and economic equity in deep East Oakland.
  • Just Cities – will develop an equity and displacement evaluation framework against which the East Oakland Mobility Action Plan can be evaluated.

Project overview


  • Provide a central place for coordinating existing plans
  • Work with the East Oakland residents, to identify which transportation routes provide access and opportunity to jobs, education, recreation, and services
  • Work with the East Oakland community to identify gaps and needs for transit, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, especially as it relates to access to the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit system
  • Prioritize transportation projects and programs-based recommendations with identified funding for projects within the next 5 years and visionary projects in the longer term
  • Create an equitable framework for community-based decision making for transportation projects and planning
  • Streamline grassroots community engagement

Equity Framework

Equity means that your identity as an Oaklander has no detrimental effect on the distribution of resources, opportunities and outcomes for you as residents. What is the racial equity outcome of this plan? What actions could be taken to advance equity? What are the systemic issues driving disparities? How will success/equity be measured?


Key Corridors:

  • E 14 St
  • Bancroft Ave
  • 73rd Ave
  • Hegenberger Rd

Engagement Locations and Dates

  • Coming Soon!


OakDOT will partner with regional transportation agencies to work together to achieve defined and common transportation goals.

Project Updates

No updates, yet! Check back soon!

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