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East 12th Street Bikeway Project: Fruitvale-Melrose Gap Closure

Bike safety improvements connecting to Fruitvale BART

In Process


Date Posted: March 9, 2022

Project Overview

The E 12th St Bikeway will complete the remaining gap for a continuous bikeway in the International Blvd corridor from downtown Oakland, through East Oakland, to the Elmhurst neighborhood - a distance of six miles. This project connects existing bike lanes on International Boulevard (east of 54th Avenue) with the Fruitvale BART Station. The project proposes:

  • A neighborhood bike route along 54th Avenue between International Boulevard and E 12th Street where the street is too narrow for bike lanes
  • A neighborhood bike route along E 12th Street between 54th Avenue and 44th Avenue where the street is too narrow for bike lanes
  • Protected bike lanes along E 12th Street between 44th Avenue and 40th Avenue to accommodate bi-directional bike travel along the one-way stretch of E 12th Street
  • Buffered bike lanes along E 12th Street between 35th Avenue and 40th Avenue to minimize on-street parking removal and disruptions to school pick-up and drop-off

In future phases and as funding allows, the City will work to implement the recommendations of the City's 2019 Bike Plan, which include protected bike lanes along E 12th Street.

Project Goals

  • Improve safety for people walking and biking
  • Upgrade the pavement quality for all roadway users
  • Upgrade curb ramps and fill in sidewalk gaps to better accommodate people walking and meet ADA standards
  • Establish a continuous bikeway from East Oakland to Downtown Oakland

Existing Conditions

There are no bikeways on 54th Avenue, E. 12th Street east of 40th Avenue, or on 35th Avenue. Bike lanes and wayfinding signs are installed on E. 12th Street between 35th and 40th Avenues. E. 12th Street between 40th and 44th Avenues is currently one-way, eastbound, preventing legal westbound bicycling towards the BART station. E. 12th Street lacks curb ramps at many locations, and many of the existing ramps lack detectable domes. There are missing sidewalks at the abandoned railroad tracks between 46th Avenue and 47th Avenue. The paving quality on much of E 12th Street and 54th Ave is relatively poor. E. 12th Street between 40th and 46th Aves was recently paved and is in excellent condition.

Design Elements

  • Traffic calming measures such as traffic circles and speed humps
  • Installing a bicycle signal head at High Street
  • Retrofitting storm drain inlets in curbside bike lanes
  • Upgrading existing bikeway striping between 35th and 40th Avenues to add buffer striping, creating more separation between bicyclists and motor vehicles
  • Installing bicyclist wayfinding signage
  • Installing over 40 ADA-compliant curb ramps along E 12th St.
  • Repaving E 12th St and 54th Ave in order to eliminate and prevent hazardous conditions for all roadway users


Map of Project: East 12th Street Bikeway Project: Fruitvale-Melrose Gap Closure


Repaving 46th to 54th
Spring 2022
Design completion of bike lanes
Summer 2022
Implementation of bike lanes

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