Brooklyn Basin (formerly "Oak to Ninth Mixed Use Development")

The Brooklyn Basin project site is approximately 64 acres of waterfront property bounded by Embarcadero Road, Fallon Street, Tenth Avenue and the Estuary. The project includes up to 3,100 residential units including 465 affordable housing units, 200,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, a minimum of 3,950 parking spaces, approximately 32 acres of parks and public open space, two renovated marinas (total 170 boat slips), and an existing wetlands restoration area.


Signs notified public of pending construction
April 25, 2016
City provides public notice of bridge closure
November 2015
Meeting held to approve Embarcadero Bridge
August 2015
ZHOP Embarcadero roadway project began
June 2015
Oakland approved Streets & Infrastructure Permit
March 2015
EIR Scoping, Design Review, and CEQA processes


An amendment to the Estuary Policy Plan was approved changing the land use designation from Planned Waterfront Development-1 to Planned Waterfront Development-4. The site was rezoned from M-40, Heavy Industrial to PWD-4, Planned Waterfront Zoning District-4 and OS-RSP, Open Space-Regional Serving Park. Amendments were made to the land use maps of the Central City East Redevelopment Plan and the Central District Urban Renewal Plan consistent with the Estuary Policy Plan designation.

The project includes the approval of a Vesting Tentative Map. No. 7621, a Preliminary Development Plan, Design Review Guidelines, and a Development Agreement. An Environmental Impact Report was prepared for the project and was certified by the Planning Commission and City Council.