73rd Avenue Active Routes to Transit

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Updated: July 10, 2023

Posted: March 27, 2020

The Oakland Department of Transportation is presently working on design plans to seek implementation funding for enhanced multimodal transportation infrastructure along 73rd Avenue/Hegenberger Road, connecting the Eastmont Transit Center, Coliseum BART Station, and the newly constructed International Blvd Bus Rapid Transit (Tempo) system. This project seeks to prioritize safety enhancement for the comfort of transit users, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Project Goals:

  • Buffer bicycle lanes for enhanced cyclist safety and improved separation from motorized vehicles.
  • Bus boarding islands to streamline bus operations and increase visibility for transit riders.
  • Two protected intersections design to prioritize bicyclist safety and reduce pedestrian crossing distances.
  • High-visibility crosswalk markings at all intersections to improve pedestrian safety.
  • Extend medians install to create pedestrian refuges in the center of the street and lower turning speeds.
  • Dedicate bicycle connection to establish connectivity to Coliseum BART at International Blvd, ensuring convenient and safe access for cyclists.
  • Introduce of a new pedestrian/bicycle crossing across 73rd Avenue to provide direct and accessible entry to Eastmont Transit Village.


The project was designated as a priority in both the 2019 bicycle plan update, "Let's Bike Oakland," and the 2021 East Oakland Mobility Action Plan (EOMAP). To ensure community participation, the City established a design process led by residents and community-based organizations. Throughout various engagement opportunities, community members expressed concerns about safety, including issues with speeding and reckless driving at intersections. Also, they highlighted security concerns related to biking and walking alongside vehicle traffic, fearing potential exposure to drive-by assault. The existing Class II bike lanes are faded and fail to meet the safety requirements expressed by the community. East Oakland residents expressed feeling unsafe while utilizing the current bike facilities or crossing 73rd Ave to reach the Eastmont Transit Center.

The project offers secure pathways to schools, transit, and important destinations. With the inclusion of a buffered bike lane, students at Markham Elementary School can safely commute to their classes and extracurricular activities. The complete street enhancements would also improve the quality of one of Oakland's highly frequented transit routes, 73rd Avenue. AC Transit Route 73 operates at 15-minute intervals and serves as a connection to Coliseum BART, granting residents regional employment opportunities. The proposed bike facilities aim to provide easier access to two significant employment and retail hubs: the Eastmont Town Center and the International Blvd business corridor.

Public Engagement

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Map of Project: 73rd Avenue Active Routes to Transit


Street Design Development Begins
September 2023
Public Engagement Begins
November 2023
Public Engagement Ends
April 2024
Street Design Development Complete
May 2024
ATP Cycle 7 Application Due
June 15, 2024