2022 5-Year Paving Plan

A new multi-year paving plan to guide investments for Oakland's streets, adopted December 21, 2021.



Update: On December 21, 2021, City Council adopted the 2022 5-Year Paving Plan. To review the accompanying staff report, please see Documents on this page.

The 2019 3-Year Paving Plan (3YP) guided citywide pavement prioritization between July 2019 and June 2022. Building upon the record-breaking accomplishments of the 3YP, OakDOT is preparing the 2022 5-Year Paving Plan (5YP) to continue to invest in the care and maintenance of Oakland's streets.

Data Collection & Budget Analysis

Every 2-4 years, the City performs a citywide pavement condition survey. This data was collected again in summer 2021. OakDOT is using this data to prepare the 5YP to improve and maintain pavement condition citywide. View an updated map of pavement conditions.

From this 2021 data, we know there is still more work to do but also that our efforts to quickly improve Oakland’s streets the past few years are still making a difference. Here are some of the key findings:

  • 28% of local streets are now in good or excellent condition, up from just 16% in 2018.
  • The share of local streets in poor condition declined for the first time in 10 years, from 60% to 53%.
  • Now nearly 75% of major streets are in good or excellent condition, up from 62% in 2018.
  • Overall, the average PCI for arterials is now 74, up from 67 in 2012.

Using updated pavement condition data, the 5YP then estimates the cost to improve and maintain the pavement system. The budget analysis assumes current funding levels (approximately $60M annually) continue for the duration of the 5YP. This would require an extension of Measure KK, Oakland's 2016 Affordable Housing & Infrastructure Bond. The 5YP also anticipates a scenario if current funding is no longer available.

Draft Street List

The 5YP proposes pavement rehabilitation and preventative maintenance treatments on more than 350 miles of Oakland streets. The 5YP proposes to use the same policy framework as the 3YP: the majority of funding is dedicated to local streets while still keeping major streets in good condition, and local streets program funding is primarily prioritized by planning area, weighing equity and street condition equally.

Within each planning area, local streets are prioritized for pavement rehabilitation based on pavement condition, proximity to parks, and adjacent segments in poor condition. Two new categories of local streets are also proposed in the 5YP: local streets preventative maintenance and local streets neighborhood bike routes. These smaller programs ensure recently-paved local streets receive cost-effective treatments to maintain their good condition and that the City improves and maintains roadways that are either current or proposed neighborhood bike routes. In addition, the local streets program sets aside funding for City Council paving priorities and for utility cost-sharing opportunities as part of excavation projects. Streets prioritized within these two programs will be determined following the adoption of the 5YP.

Like the 3YP, major streets are again prioritized based on optimizing pavement condition and addressing traffic safety. The major streets program includes both pavement rehabilitation and preventative maintenance treatments.

Finally, the proposed 5YP street list also includes segments prioritized in the 2019 3-Year Paving Plan that will be paved during the 2022 5-Year Paving Plan period.

View a map of the Draft 2022 5-Year Paving Plan

Community Engagement

Staff are sharing information about the 5YP in community meetings across Oakland. These presentations also include official City committees and commissions. All meetings will receive the same information, and presentation materials will be available online.

Meeting dates include:

Beat Meeting Name/ Neighborhood Council Name Meeting Date
Bella Vista NCPC

Chinatown NCPC

Oakland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Beat 6 Advocates
Melrose High Hopes

Montclair Neighbors
Brookfield/Columbia Garden/Sobrante Park
Prescott NCPC
Ujima Friends/Northgate

13X Rockridge NCPC 9-Dec

Final Street List

Update: On December 21, 2021, City Council adopted the 2022 5-Year Paving Plan. Following adoption, the Plan would begin implementation in July 2022.




Collect Data on Pavement Conditions Citywide
May-August 2021
Develop Budget Scenarios
September 2021
Develop Draft Street List
October 2021
Draft Plan to City Council for Adoption
December 2021
Council Discretion (Additional Streets)
January 2022
5YP Paving Construction Begins
July 2022