14th Avenue Streetscape Project

Improving safety for people walking, biking, and taking transit on 14th Avenue



14th Avenue is a major east-west corridor that connects International Boulevard and Highland Hospital. 14th Avenue is currently a relatively high-speed, 4-lane divided roadway that is a barrier for people walking between residential neighborhoods to the north and south. The street is also an important, (relatively flat) connection for people biking and is a critical gap in the network between the Foothill Blvd and Macarthur Blvd bike lanes. The City recently completed Phase 1 of this Project, which upgraded sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and landscaping between International Blvd. and E 19th Street.

The next phase of The 14th Avenue Streetscape project will deliver vital pedestrian crossing improvements to all intersections on 14th Avenue between E19th Street and E27th Street. These improvements include flashing pedestrian beacons, expanded sidewalks at intersections, street trees, and vehicle turn lane upgrades. This project will also install an important bicycle connection on 14th Avenue from Foothill Blvd to 27th Street/Highland Hospital. These bike lanes will form the foundation for a complete network connection north to MacArthur Blvd.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Improve safety and comfort for people walking, especially for people crossing 14th Avenue
  • Plant new street trees on the sidewalks and median along 14th Avenue (up to 52 trees planned!)
  • Increase the visibility of people walking and biking
  • Slow vehicle speeds and create a calmer street
  • Provide a dedicated space for people riding bikes on 14th Avenue from E 19th Street to E 27th Street
  • Improve access for people with disabilities
  • Upgrade bus stops on the corridor with safer pedestrian crossings and bus boarding islands

Thanks to everyone who responded to our online survey or corresponded with OakDOT regarding this project. We're working to incorporate your feedback as we continue with the design process. We will have updated designs and schedules to share in Summer 2021. If you responded to our survey and left your email, you will receive an email update. The survey is still open (link at right), so please fill it out if you haven't already!



Map of Project: 14th Avenue Streetscape Project


Public noticing, outreach, and online survey
Fall 2020
Complete design of roadway
Winter 2021
Advertise project for construction
Spring/Summer 2021
Begin construction (18 month duration)
End of 2021

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