10th Street Improvement Project

Connecting Chinatown with Lincoln Rec Center, Lincoln Elementary, and Lake Merritt



UPDATE DECEMBER 2022: The 10th Street Improvement Project has been merged into the 2021-2023 Safe Routes to School Capital Projects. Find more information about this effort here.

10th Street between Webster Street and the 10th Street Bridge is slated for repaving. Additionally, OakDOT received a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant to make sidewalk and pedestrian safety improvements around Lincoln Recreation Center and Lincoln Elementary.

In 2020, OakDOT implemented a Slow Street on 10th between Harrison and Jackson with the goal of reducing vehicle traffic and providing more safety and comfort for people walking. This repaving/SRTS project provides an opportunity to permanently achieve the goals of the Slow Streets project and provide safer pedestrian connections between Chinatown, Lincoln Rec center and Elementary, and Lake Merritt.

Finally, a separate project within OakDOT is pursuing grant funding to implement a “pedestrian scramble” at 10th/Webster.

Project Goals

  • Provide a safe pedestrian connection between Chinatown, Lincoln Rec Center/Elementary, and Lake Merritt
  • Slow vehicle speeds
  • Improve bicycle connections across 10th Street
  • Expand the pedestrian space on 10th Street between Webster and Harrison and provide space for loading
  • Work with Lincoln Elementary stakeholders to improve the school loading area between Alice and Jackson



Map of Project: 10th Street Improvement Project