10th Street Improvement Project

Connecting Chinatown and Lake Merritt as part of a planned paving project



10th Street between Webster Street and the 10th Street Bridge is set to be repaved in late 2021/early . Recently, the City implemented a Slow Street on 10th Street between Harrison Street and Jackson Street with the goal of reducing vehicle traffic and allowing more space for outdoor recreation. This repaving project provides a key opportunity to permanently achieve the goals of the Slow Streets project, provide safer pedestrian connections between Chinatown and Lake Merritt, and create a calm and intuitive street for all roadway users.

On the eastern half of the corridor between Oak Street and 2nd Avenue, the City has grant funding to improve pedestrian crossings and install pedestrian-scale sidewalk lighting.

Project Goals

• Provide space for outdoor activities and recreation in front of Lincoln Square Recreation Center
Improve pedestrian crossings
Improve bicycle connections across 10th Street at bike lane intersections
Strengthen the pedestrian connection between Chinatown and OMCA, Lake Merritt, and Eastlake
Expand the pedestrian and outdoor dining space between Webster Street and Harrison Street



Map of Project: 10th Street Improvement Project