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Councilmember Carroll FIfe in front of Black Panther mural

2023 Legislation

In 2023, Councilmember Carroll Fife introduced legislation to launch the multi-year Black New Deal study, pilot community-initiated traffic safety solutions, improve Oakland’s 9-1-1- dispatch system, authorize safe parking sites for unhoused residents, establish the Lakeshore LGBTQ Cultural District, voice support for a ceasefire in Gaza and state-wide social housing, honor Black cultural figures in Oakland both past and present, and much more.


Councilmember Carroll Fife speaks into a microphone

2022 Legislation

In 2022, Councilmember Carroll Fife more than tripled the pieces of legislation she introduced in 2021, legislation aimed at Oakland’s most pressing issues of stable housing, economic justice and adequate public funding.

This work included resoundingly popular ballot measures for authorizing low-rent housing, expanding tenant protections, creating a progressive tax structure on big business, a funding source for affordable housing, and establishing public financing during elections.

It also included resolutions in support of establishing public banking in Oakland, capping allowable rent increases levied on tenants, studying the feasibility of housing 1000 individuals at the North Gateway Parcel, creating a farmers market in West Oakland, expanding opportunities for youth through the Summer Jobs program, and much more.


Councilmember Carroll Fife speaking in front of Moms for Housing house in West Oakland

2021 Legislation

In 2021, Councilmember Carroll Fife either sponsored or co-sponsored legislation on reimaining public safety, honoring Paul Mooney, Shock G, and Michael Morgan, commemorating Dorothy King, supporting the State Assembly Amendment 3 to prohibit slavery or involuntary servitude without exemption, and urging the federal government to support Haitian refugees.


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Community Feedback

Pilot For Community-Driven Traffic Solutions

In December, Councilmember Carroll Fife introduced legislation to establish a 3-year pilot program that allows schools, businesses, and community centers that serve vulnerable populations to apply for temporary encroachment permits to install removable traffic safety treatments and create traffic calming zones in the city’s streets.

Between 2012-2016, there was a 76% increase in severe or fatal injuries from car accidents, causing devastation to those affected as well as economic ramifications for the City of Oakland to the tune of $900 million due to various associated costs. Observing these issues, the City’s Department of Transportation (OakDOT) was created in 2016, and in 2021, OakDOT developed a Safe Oakland Streets (SOS) program in order to prevent traffic incidents and to implement traffic safety programs.

As part of SOS, OakDOT emphasized the importance of allocating resources to uplift communities residing in higher priority equity neighborhoods, and that street design plays a critical role in encouraging safe traffic behaviors and preventing severe and fatal crashes. The legislation I’ve introduced seeks to address these findings, by removing barriers and supporting community members to address the needs they are identifying.

In order to develop this pilot so it truly serves Oaklanders, two public community meetings were held. Oakland residents are still able to share their feedback through this form.

For ideas on what these community-driven traffic solutions could be, Transport Oakland shared this presentation at the community meetings.

OakDOT also shared this presentation for how these ideas could integrate with existing projects and programs.

Next Steps

Based on feedback and research, the City Administrator will present a report and recommendations at the Public Safety Committee meeting scheduled on April 23rd, 2024. It will include information on cities in California or the United States that have successfully implemented similar programs, as well as recommendations to Council about legislative or administrative changes needed in order to implement a similar program in Oakland.


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District 3 Townhall - March 16th

Flier for March 16th town hall

An opportunity for District 3 to come together and discuss concerns and solutions that affect District 3 at large and each neighborhood specifically. Since this townhall is being hosted in Adam Points, neighborhood residents are particularly encouraged to attend.

When: Saturday March 16th 9:30 - 11:30 am

Where: Children's Fairyland, Amphitheater | 699 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Space capacity is limited to 50 people, please only register if you're able to attend. Registration will be required to enter Fairyland.

Short link to registration form:


Carroll Fife

Carroll Fife is the Councilmember for Oakland’s District 3. After decades of public service as a community organizer, Carroll was called to run for office by the people with whom she organizes every day. One of the founding members of Moms for Housing, Carroll has fought both in the halls of power and in the streets to protect the human right to housing.

As Councilmember her priorities are to divest from police to invest in community, get every unsheltered person in Oakland into housing as quickly as possible, and create progressive tax structures to correct social and racial inequities. Her historic winning campaign, supported by virtually every endorsing organization in Oakland, was powered by over 1000 active volunteers, and has transitioned into a permanent political organization dedicated to passing transformative legislation and building a progressive majority on the Oakland City Council.

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