Rent Adjustment Program Forms & Notices for Landlords


Proof of Service (PDF)

This document is a stand-alone Proof of Service that can be used to serve any other RAP document that does not include a Proof of Service.

Property Owner Response Form for the Rent Adjustment Program (PDF)

Owner Responses may only be filed online for cases that were originally filed online. Please check to make sure there is an online number listed next to the case number on the documents you have received. All other responses should be submitted in paper to the Rent Adjustment Program Office at 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza Ste. 5313 Oakland, CA 94612.

Sublease Addendum (PDF)

The Lease Addendum, prepared by the City of Oakland Rent Adjustment Program, is for use when there is partial tenancy turnover. It clarifies that tenants who move into rental units during an existing tenancy are not original tenants and only have the right to the current controlled rent until the last original tenant permanently vacates the unit. The Lease Addendum clarifies that the landlord may raise the rent without limitation on all remaining tenants.