Councilmember Kalb's Public Safety Legislation

Crime prevention, rehabilitation, criminal justice reform, reducing gun violence and keeping our communities safe are among Councilmember Kalb's top priorities. In addition to the legislation included below, Councilmember Kalb has actively supported community-focused policing, increased funding for violence prevention and reentry services, new laws to help reduce gun violence and an increased emphasis on investigating and solving serious crimes including, but not limited to, domestic violence.


2020 Protecting Oaklanders from Trump's Federal Agents (PDF)

Resolution Directing And Authorizing The City Attorney And The City Administrator To Take Any And All Lawful Necessary Steps To Protect The Rights Of The People And The City Of Oakland Against President Trump’s Threats To Take Actions That Result In Harm To The People Of Oakland Or The City Of Oakland, And Against Any Related Actions Federal Officers Take That Result In Harm To The People Of Oakland Or The City Of Oakland

2020 Police Commission Ballot Measure (PDF)

November 3, 2020 Ballot Measure To Strengthen The Independence Of The Oakland Police Commission By Modifying The Powers, Duties, And Staffing Of The Oakland Police Commission And The Community Police Review Agency, And Creating An Office Of Inspector General

2020 Chokehold ban (PDF)

Resolution Requesting The Oakland Police Commission To Immediately Review And Propose A Change To The Oakland Police Department's Use Of Force Policy That Would Ban The Use Of Carotid Restraints And Chokeholds Under Any And All Circumstances

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