Legislation authored or co-sponsored by Councilmember Bas and passed by City Council

Partnering with residents, grassroots organizations, and labor unions, CM Bas has advanced policies that support everyday Oaklanders and our vulnerable neighbors, including:

  • >> passing CA's strongest city-level COVID-19 eviction moratorium

  • >> passing COVID-19 grocery worker hazard pay $5 wage bonus covering 2,000 frontline workers in our largest grocery stores

  • >> creating a fund to help low-income tenants purchase their homes with community land trusts to prevent displacement and create permanently affordable community-owned housing

  • >> leading the FY 21-23 Council budget process which tripled the Department of Violence Prevention's budget and boosted funding for alternative crisis response and cultural affairs

  • >> creating an alternative crisis response program within the Fire Department to respond to mental health and non-criminal, non-violent issues

  • >> passing legislation to help formerly incarcerated residents access rental housing

  • >> introducing a progressive corporate business tax proposal to raise critical revenue for city services and provide relief to our smallest businesses

  • >> defending immigrant and refugee rights by passing resolutions condemning deportations of rehabilitated Southeast Asian refugee community members and successfully advocating for pardons by Gov. Newsom

  • >> leading a task force to reimagine public safety in Oakland

  • >> partnering with youth + education advocates to reauthorize the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth investing millions in youth and families each year


December 2021: Resolution Urging Governor to Institute COVID Safety Measures in Juvenile Justice Facilities (PDF)

On December 21, 2021, Council unanimously passed a resolution my resolution with CM Reid to institute common sense COVID-19 safety measures in juvenile justice facilities as a result of a recent outbreak, and take all necessary actions to prioritize transparency, common sense public health measures, and population reduction to stop the spread. See full details on Resolution #88945 here.

December 2021: Public Safety Budget Policy Directives, Including Alternative Police Responses, OPD Audit, and Solve Rates (PDF)

On December 7, 2021, Council heard a report at the recommendation of CP Bas on the implementation of Council's Public Safety Budget Policy Directives, including the status of conducting (1) an analysis of calls for service and recommendation to transfer certain calls to alternative response by April 2022; (2) an independent audit of OPD by Dec 2022; and (3) an analysis of restructuring investigation units to improve solve rates by increasing civilian staff and reducing sworn staff. See full details on the report and recommendations here.

November 2021: Resolution to Update Election Management System to Allow 16 and 17 Year Olds to Register to Vote in OUSD Board of Directors (PDF)

On November 16, 2021 Council unanimously passed my resolution with Vice Mayor Kaplan and President Pro Tem Thao supporting the City Administrator's request that the Alameda County registrar of voters take all necessary steps to update the DIMS election management system to allow 16 and 17-year olds to register to vote and participate by ranked choice voting in the elections of OUSD Board of Directors and that the CA Secretary of State provide any necessary authorization for the update in order to implement Measure QQ, which authorized the Oakland City Council to adopt an ordinance allowing 16 and 17-year olds to vote for school board. See full details on Resolution #88907.

September 2021: Budget Amendment to Save 3 Head Start Sites from Closures and Layoffs (PDF)

On September 1, 2021, Council adopted my resolution with VM Kaplan, CM Fife, and President Pro Tem Thao amending the City's biennial FY 2021-23 budget to save Head Start/prevent closures and layoffs at three sites, allocating $1.836 from the General Purpose Fund and directing the City Administrator to include relevant enhancements to the Lincoln Square Recreation Center Renovation Capital Improvement Fund in the FY 2022-23 midcycle budget adjustment.See full details on Resolution #88801 here.

July 2021: Grant Allocations to Grassroots Community Organizations ()

On July 26, 2021, Council passed my grant allocations for the FY 2021-23 city budget awarding grants to Youth Employment Partnership, Street Level Health Project, The East Bay Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, Lao Family Community Development Inc., Native American Health Center Inc., Oakland Private Industry Council, Inc., Restore Oakland Inc., Civicorps, Rising Sun Center For Opportunity, Rebuilding Together Oakland, Oakland Literacy Coalition Inc., Destiny Arts Center, Family Violence Law Center, Homies Empowerment, Cypress Mandela Training Center Inc., ESO Ventures, Inc., Camps In Common And Service Opportunities For Seniors (Also Known As SOS Meals On Wheels) for community-related services and activities. See full details on Resolution #88780 here.

July 2021: Amended Term Sheet for Oakland A's Ballpark Proposal (PDF)

On July 20, 2021, Council approved a term sheet for the Oakland A’s ballpark proposal at the Port’s Howard Terminal. With Vice Mayor Kaplan, I made important amendments to address our city’s urgent need for deeply affordable housing and anti-displacement protections for renters, as well as concerns about impacts to our Port and neighboring communities. See full details on the Resolution and Non-Binding Terms of a Development Agreement with the Athletics Investment Group.

June 2021: Council President FY 2021-23 Budget Amendments (PDF)

On June 24, 2021, Council passed Council President Bas' FY 2021-23 city budget amendments. Bas is immensely grateful to have worked with her Council colleagues and budget team of Councilmembers Fife, Gallo, and Kalb in this budget to:

1. Fund four police academies over the next 2-year budget cycle, as has been the historic and consistent budgeting practice in Oakland, and increasing police resources in divisions that investigate serious and violent crime.

2. Redirecting $18M of savings from the two additional academies proposed by Mayor Schaaf to add $17.4M to double the Department of Violence Prevention’s budget (and quadruple the General Purpose Fund contribution) to address violence long before it starts, and to expand Oakland's investment by $4M (also using a contingency fund) to the Fire Department to stand up our Mobile Crisis Response / MACRO program to respond to 911 calls for mental and behavioral health crises in East and West Oakland.

3. Relieve our police officers from the unrealistic expectation of having to respond to a majority of 911 calls for service that are not the best use of their training and time, by transitioning these responsibilities to the Dept. of Transportation in Year 2. These include thousands of non-violent, non-criminal calls annually for incidents such as blocked driveways, improper parking, auto tows, and abandoned automobiles.

Bas' budget also makes historic investments in homelessness solutions, arts and culture, protecting workers, supporting small businesses -- especially in our flatland neighborhoods, cleaning up illegal dumping, and investing in our parks across the city of Oakland. These are the kinds of investments that will create the security that people need on the neighborhood and personal level:

Affordable Housing and Homelessness Solutions: Providing sanitation to over 100 encampments while expediting affordable housing solutions for the unhoused; and adding staffing to the city’s Homelessness Division to improve interdepartmental coordination of encampment management and case management for unhoused Oaklanders.

Public Safety & Violence Prevention: Doubling the Department of Violence Prevention budget by adding $17.4 million for violence interrupters and Community Ambassadors rooted in flatland neighborhoods; and investing $4 million more to pilot and expand MACRO, Oakland’s civilian crisis response program for non-criminal, non-violent police calls for service; and laying the foundation to create a department focused on serving youth and families.

Good Jobs & A Vibrant Economy: Providing $300K to small and disadvantaged businesses for facade improvements, repairs, flex street supports, and parklets; $1.5 million in cultural affairs programming and staffing to support artists and festivals, particularly in a post-COVID recovery environment; and $1.5 million in workforce development, training and placement targeted to serve flatland neighborhoods, youth, unhoused, and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Clean, Healthy & Sustainable Neighborhoods: Restoring the Mayor’s elimination of 13.5 FTE crossing guards at Oakland schools to ensure student and family safety; restoring the Mayor’s cuts of 4 environmental enforcement officers who address illegal dumping; piloting a 25-member Parks Ambassadors program to serve parks citywide; making improvements to parks, basketball courts, and skate parks citywide from East Oakland to San Antonio, Lake Merritt to Montclair; investing $500K through Measure HH in community food cards at corner stores in the flatlands to support families in accessing nutritious food.

See full details on CP Bas' FY 2021-23 budget amendments here.

June 2021: Resolution Supporting AB 257, The Fast Food Accountability & Standards Recovery Act to Protect CA's Fast Food Workers (PDF)

On June 15, 2021, Council unanimously passed my resolution with CM Fife supporting AB 257, The Fast Food Accountability And Standards Recovery Act, to establish the Fast Food Sector Council, which would include worker representatives, to promote minimum fast food restaurant employment protections for CA’s half-million fast food workers. See full details on Resolution #88702.

June 2021: Resolution Supporting AB 490, The Angelo Quinto Act of 2021 (PDF)

On June 15, 2021, Council unanimously passed my resolution with CMs Fife & Kalb supporting AB 490, The Angelo Quinto Act of 2021, which would create a statewide policy to prohibit law enforcement agencies from authorizing techniques or transport methods that involve a substantial risk of positional asphyxia, such as facedown restraints and other positions where pressure or body weight is unreasonably applied against a restrained person's neck, torso, or back and that impairs breathing. See full details on Resolution #88703.

May 2021: Resolution Prioritizing Recommendations from Reimagining Public Safety Task Force (PDF)

On May 3, 2021, Council unanimously passed my resolution with CM Fife prioritizing recommendations from the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force for consideration to integrate in the FY 2019-21 city budget, including significant expansion of citywide services and supports for trauma-informed mental health response, civilian traffic enforcement, violence interruption, gender-based violence response, restorative justice, youth programming and housing solutions. See full details on Resolution #88607 here.

April 2021: Resolution Supporting SB 271, The Sheriff Diversity and Democracy Act (PDF)

On April 20, 2021, Council unanimously passed my resolution to support SB 271 (Weiner), The Sheriff Diversity And Democracy Act, which would allow voters to choose from a broader pool of candidates for Sheriff with more diverse backgrounds and skill sets -- ideally favoring de-escalation, mental, and health care -- and greater accountability. SB 271 restores California’s long-standing eligibility criteria for candidates seeking the office of Sheriff so that all registered voters can run, rather than only those with law enforcement backgrounds. See full details on Resolution #88598.

March 2021: Legislation to House MACRO / Civilian Crisis Responders in Fire Department and Expedite Community-Informed Implementation (PDF)

On March 16, 2021, Council unanimously passed my resolution with CM Kalb to support rapid, community-informed implementation of MACRO, which centers input from Oakland communities most impacted by violence, including individuals who have been involved in the criminal legal system, unsheltered individuals, domestic violence survivors, youth, and survivors of state violence, among others, and provides direction to the City Administrator to:

  • Expedite the one-year pilot phase of MACRO within the Oakland Fire Department with City employees
  • Contract with Alameda County for mental health specialists and civilian emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  • Return to Council by April 20, 2021 with any necessary legislation to allocate funds for 1 FTE to manage MACRO
  • Provide Council with monthly progress reports, and create a set of community-informed recommendations for additional categories of calls for service for MACRO after the pilot phase
  • Retain an independent consultant to evaluate MACRO’s pilot phase

Council also unanimously passed an ordinance I authored with CM Kalb to amend the Oakland Fire Department’s duties to include administering MACRO / Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland.

See full details on the MACRO Resolution and MACRO Ordinance.

February 2021: Ordinance to Provide COVID-19 Hazard Pay $5 Wage Bonus for 2,000 Frontline Grocery Store Workers (PDF)

On February 2, 2021, Council unanimously passed my ordinance with CM Gallo to require large grocery stores in Oakland to pay employees an additional $5/hour in hazard pay during COVID-19 until Oakland reaches the Minimal / Yellow tier. In Oakland, covered employers are Cardenas Markets / Mi Pueblo, Foods Co., Whole Foods, Grocery Outlet, Safeway, Smart and Final, Sprouts, Target, Trader Joe's, Lucky's / Save Mart / Food Maxx. See full details on Ordinance #13639.

January 2021: Resolution Endorsing AB 15, Tenant Stabilization Act of 2021 (PDF)

On January 19, 2021, Council unanimously passed CM Kalb's resolution co-sponsored by me and CM Fife endorsing AB 15, The Tenant Stabilization Act of 2021, and urging Governor Newsom and the CA State Legislature to pass AB 15 with urgency, without preemption of critical local protections, allowing city and county governments to address the effects of COVID-19 and stabilize their communities. See full details on Resolution #88492.

December 2020: Ordinance to Ensure All-Electric Construction in Newly Constructed Buildings (PDF)

On December 16, 2020, Council passed a resolution I co-sponsored with CM Kalb, Mayor Schaaf, and the Planning and Building Department to amend the Oakland Municipal Code to prohibit newly constructed buildings from connecting to natural gas or propane infrastructure. Going forward, electric infrastructure and appliances will be used in newly built homes, restaurant and shop buildings, and offices throughout Oakland. This is an important step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve public health -- with natural gas linked to poorer ventilation + respiratory health -- and earthquake safety, using a safe and inexpensive alternative. See full details on Ordinance #13632.

July 2020: Ordinance to Increase Tenant Protections through Limiting Rent Increases, Late Fees, Increasing Eviction Protections + More (PDF)

On July 21, 2020, Council passed an ordinance I co-sponsored with City Attorney Parker and CM Kalb to amend the Oakland Municipal Code to: limit the maximum rent increase in any one year to conform with state law; make failure to pay required relocation benefits an affirmative defense to eviction; limit late fees; prohibit unilaterally imposed changes to terms of tenancy; add 1:1 replacement of roommates to the definition of housing services; prohibit eviction based on additional occupants if a landlord unreasonably refused a tenant's written request to add occupant/s; and strengthen tenants' rights and enforcement of tenants' rights under the Tenant Protection Ordinance. See full details on Ordinance #13608.

April 2020: Resolution to Protect Incarcerated Individuals from COVID-19 (PDF)

On April 21, 2020, Council passed a resolution I co-sponsored with CMs McElhaney, Taylor and City Attorney Parker to call upon the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, Alameda County Probation Department, and other County officials to release incarcerated individuals with 6 months or less time remaining at Santa Rita Jail, and to take other necessary measures to protect the health and safety of individuals detained in / staffing Santa Rita Jail and Alameda County juvenile detention facilities. See full details on Resolution #88103.

April 2020: Resolution Urging Governor Newsom to Protect Our Lao, Hmong, Iu-Mien, Khmu and Immigrant Refugee Communities from Deportation (PDF)

On April 7, 2020, Council passed a resolution I co-sponsored with CM Thao urging Governor Newsom to grant pardons to Sakhone Lasaphagthong and Somdeng "Danny" Thongsy, to protect our Lao, Hmong, Iu-Mien, Khmu, and immigrant refugee communities. Learn more about Sakhone and Danny's leadership in our community and District 2. See full details on Resolution #88093.

March 2020: Resolution Honoring 3 District 2 Schools Recognized as CA Distinguished Schools (PDF)

On March 3, 2020, Council passed my resolution honoring Cleveland, Crocker Highlands, and Lincoln Elementary Schools -- all located in District 2 -- for being recognized as 2020 California Distinguished Schools due to their great progress closing the achievement gap and achieving exceptional student performance; and creating outstanding learning environments / school climate for students. See full details on Resolution #88052.

March 2020: Emergency Eviction Moratorium Ordinance [COVID-19] (PDF)

On March 27, 2020, Council unanimously passed my emergency eviction moratorium, California's strongest city-level moratorium in response to COVID-19. Renters cannot be evicted through May 31, 2020 if you live in a unit covered by Oakland’s Just Cause Ordinance. Your rent may not be increased beyond the Consumer Price Index if your unit is covered by the Rent Adjustment Ordinance. You cannot be charged late fees during this local emergency. The ordinance also applies to nonprofits and small businesses with 100 employees or less. See full details on Ordinance #1359.

February 2020: Reauthorization of Oakland Fund for Children & Youth (Kids First) (PDF)

On February 18, 2020, Council passed my ordinance to reauthorize the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY / Kids First) which in 2019 alone served over 25,000 kids and 2,000 families and caregivers across 200 programs sites. OFCY funding supports hundreds of playgroups, after-school, summer, leadership, job training, and work programs. In District 2 for example, it makes possible the play group of 100 families with babies and toddlers at San Antonio Family Recreation Center who getstogether for play-based learning and help navigating school, housing, and family issues. OFCY also impacts Oakland High, where funding has supported case management with hundreds of students to address homelessness, home violence, community violence, and challenging family dynamics. See full details on Ordinance #13588.

January 2020: Fair Chance Housing Ordinance (PDF)

On January 21, 2020, Council unanimously passed an ordinance I co-sponsored with City Attorney Parker to remove barriers to housing for community members returning from the criminal justice system, making it possible for them to live with family members and access all forms of housing like everyone else needs and deserves. 73% of Oakland's homeless encampment residents are formerly incarcerated. This legislation is critical to lowering barriers to housing, reducing homelessness and recidivism. See full details on Ordinance #13581.

January 2020: Recommendations to Improve City's Practices Addressing Human Trafficking (PDF)

On January 14, 2020, City Council's Public Safety Committee approved recommendations my office co-created with CM Gallo's office on strategies to improve the city's response to address human trafficking, including better supporting victims, survivors and impacted communities; focusing on the 'demand' for human trafficking; and structural and policy changes within city departments. See full details on the recommendations, as well as the initial informational report we requested in November 2019 on human trafficking from various departments including OPD, Human Services, and Department of Violence Prevention.

November 2019: Supporting the Museum of Jazz and Art (PDF)

On November 5, 2019, Council unanimously passed a resolution regarding the use of the City's Fire Alarm Building in District 2. In accordance with the State Surplus Lands Act, Council authorized City negotiations for the property's lease and development with Oakland-native, Black-operated & -led nonprofit Museum of Jazz & Art. Councilmember Bas partnered with Councilmember McElhaney on this resolution to support MOJA in providing Oakland with a strong opportunity to fight displacement, prioritize cultural equity, and to be a beacon of light for Black and Brown artists especially, a place to learn and dream for our youth, and a new source of economic opportunity for residents. See full details on Resolution #87903.

October 2019: Emergency Ordinance Declaring Shelter Crisis in Oakland (PDF)

On October 15, 2019, Council passed an emergency ordinance introduced by Councilmember Bas and President Kaplan declaring a shelter crisis in Oakland, authorizing the City Administrator to suspend provisions of state or local regulatory statues, regulations, and ordinances prescribing standards of housing, health, or safety for additional shelter facilities if needed -- aimed at enabling the City to take strong measures and actions to address the crisis. See full details on Ordinance #13564.

July 2019: Ordinance to Increase Access to Housing for Low-Income Tenants Dependent on Housing Assistance and to Provide Remedies For Violations (PDF)

On July 16, 2019 Council unanimously passed an ordinance to ensure that landlords cannot turn away or discriminate against tenants who depend on housing assistance from programs like the Housing Choice Voucher program, also known as Section 8. Over the past year, the City has received many reports of landlords openly refusing to rent to Section 8 holders. This new law empowers the City Attorney’s Office, the aggrieved tenant or a tenants’ rights nonprofit organization to sue landlords for violations, among other actions. See full details on Ordinance #13559.

June 2019: Resolution Condemning Deportations of Southeast Asian Refugee Rehabilitated Community Members & Urging Alameda County District Attorney to Collaborate w/ Public Defender to Reopen Cases & Lower Offensives to Non-Deportable Charges (PDF)

On June 4, 2019, Council passed a resolution introduced by Councilmembers Bas and Thao condemning the deportations of Southeast Asian refugee community members in the Bay Area; urging Governor Newsom to grant pardons to these rehabilitated formerly incarcerated individuals being targeted for deportation by the Trump Administration's ICE; and urging Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley to collaborate with the Public Defender to reopen old cases and lower offensives to non-deportable charges. See full details on Resolution #87726.

June 2019: Ordinance Establishing Oakland's Policy Prohibiting Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides to Protect Honey Bees and Other Pollinators (PDF)

On June 18, 2019, Council unanimously adopted an ordinance co-sponsored by Councilmember Bas with Councilmember Dan Kalb establishing Oakland's policy prohibiting the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in order to protect honey bees and other pollinators; urging the adoption of state and federal restrictions on these pesticides; and urging retailers operating in the City not to sell neonicotinoids. See full details on Ordinance #13544.

May 2019: Resolution Supporting Community Requests for an Independent Audit of Alameda County Sheriff's Office to Increase Safety and Wellbeing of Oaklanders (PDF)

On May 21, 2019, Council unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Councilmember Bas joining countless community groups, Berkeley City Council, and Senator Nancy Skinner calling for an independent audit of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office to increase the safety and wellbeing of community members. Potential cost savings that may result from information provided in the audit could be redirected towards education, housing, public safety, and other critical community priorities. See full details on Resolution #87700.

May 2019: Resolution in Support of AB 362 Giving Oakland the Discretion to Authorize Qualified Entities to Operate Overdose Prevention Programs (PDF)

On May 21, 2019, Council unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Councilmember Bas and Mayor Schaaf in support of AB 362, aimed to give Oakland the discretion to authorize qualified entities to operate overdose prevention programs in our City. These programs have been shown to significantly reduce infectious disease transmission, increase the likelihood that people initiate drug treatment, and reduce syringe litter and improve neighborhood safety. See full details on Resolution #87683.

April 2019: Resolution Supporting the California Schools & Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 to Close Corporate Tax Loophole and Maximize Resources for Public Schools (PDF)

On April 16, 2019, Council unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Councilmember Bas supporting the California Schools and Local Communities First Funding Act of 2020, which would close a corporate tax loophole and raise billions for public schools and infrastructure. If this November 2020 ballot initiative succeeds, the potential increase in revenue generated is estimated at $192 million annually for Alameda County, $24.6 million for Oakland. See full details on Resolution #87612.

April 2019: Resolution in Support of Public Banking (PDF)

On April 16, 2019, Council adopted a resolution co-sponsored by Councilmember Bas endorsing the Public Banking Act AB 857 and urging the California State Legislature and Governor Newsom to support its enactment into law. A public bank will allow jurisdictions like Oakland to have more local control, transparency, and self-determination, and allow us to move in a direction to achieve sustainable community investments such as affordable housing, small business development, loans to low-income households, public transit, infrastructure, and renewable energy. See full details on Resolution #87607.

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