Councilmember Kalb's Housing and Tenant Protection Legislation

The City of Oakland is facing an extraordinary housing crisis that has displaced residents and contributed to our unprecedented homeless population. Any discussion of long term housing solutions must include affordable housing as an essential part City policy. I have a long-standing commitment to affordable housing and will continue to fight for tenant protections and all levels of below market rate housing in Oakland.

On this page you will find key legislation and policies authored or supported by Councilmember Dan Kalb.


2019 Ordinance Mandatory Seismic Retrofit For Soft Story Residential Buildings (PDF)

After a major earthquake, many residential tenants are likely to be displaced from damaged buildings. Tenants of soft-story buildings – multi-unit, wood-frame residential buildings with a first story that lacks adequate strength or stiffness to prevent leaning or collapse in an earthquake – are particularly vulnerable. The Mandatory Seismic Retrofit Ordinance requires that older wood-frame buildings with 5 or more residential units that are vulnerable to major seismic events be seismically retrofitted.


2014 Tenant Protection Ordinance (PDF)

While most landlords in Oakland are honorable and support their tenants, the rising market demand for rental housing in Oakland effectively creates an incentive for some landlords to engage in harassing behavior or fail to make repairs to pressure existing tenants in rent-controlled units to move so that rents can be raised.

The Tenant Protection Ordinance provides tenants legal recourse in instances where landlords subject them to harassing behavior.


2013 Allocation Of Funds For The Affordable Housing Trust (PDF)

With the dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies throughout California, Oakland lost millions of dollars in annual revenue used to finance and support affordable housing development projects. Affordable housing is vital to ensuring that Oakland remains a place for everyone, providing housing to Oakland households and workers as well as seniors on a fixed income.

This legislation continues Oakland’s commitment to funding affordable housing by allocating significant funding towards affordable housing.