Historic Preservation Element for the General Plan

Provides the goals, policies and actions to encourage the preservation of older buildings, districts and other physical features with historic value.

Historic Preservation Element

In 1994 the City of Oakland adopted a Historic Preservation Element as part of its General Plan. The Element is based on two broad "Goals": to "use historic preservation to foster economic vitality and quality of life" and to "prevent unnecessary destruction of properties of special historical, cultural, and aesthetic value." The Element spells out these goals through policies and actions that govern how the City will treat "Designated Historic Properties" (DHPs: landmarks, districts, and Heritage Properties) and "Potential Designated Historic Properties" (PDHPs).

The City has adopted these policies because it believes historic preservation offers many important benefits:

  • Urban Revitalization
  • Employment opportunities
  • Cost-effective affordable housing
  • Economic development opportunities
  • Community identity and image
  • Educational, cultural, and artistic values.