Councilmember Kalb's Environmental Legislation

Councilmember Kalb has been a consistent champion for environmental health and justice in Oakland

In July 2020 Oakland City Council unanimously adopted the groundbreaking Equitable Climate Action Plan which sets the stage for far-reaching reductions of heat-trapping emissions coupled with reductions of air pollution that is impacting the public's health now. The evidence-based, community-driven process undertaken is a ‘gold standard’ of how Oakland should be developing new policies and strategies to address the needs our most vulnerable residents.

Councilmember Kalb has consistently advocated for budget to support environmental protection priorities in Oakland such as:

> Keeping local waterways clean of debris and toxic waste
> Enforcing illegal dumping
> Maintaining Oakland’s parks and open spaces and protecting Oakland’s tree canopy
> Updating and implementing Oakland’s Equitable Climate Action Plan
> Reducing waste and increasing reuse / recycling
> Strengthening code enforcement to reduce blight

Councilmember Kalb has also helped to create, cosponsor, and is continuing to work on numerous pieces of local environmental legislation including:

> Oakland's Equitable Climate Action Plan
> Divesting Oakland from the fossil fuel industry
> Banning coal in Oakland (in litigation)
> Establishing community choice energy in Alameda County (EBCE)
> Protecting pollinators by prohibiting toxic pesticides
> Banning natural gas in new construction, and gas-powered leaf-blowers
> Countywide ban of single-use plastics in restaurants
> Designating Oakland's Official Bird: the Black-Crowned Night Heron


2020 Gas-Powered Leaf Blower and String-Trimmer Ban (PDF)

Considering significant health hazards of gas-powered blowers and string trimmers, many Californian cities already restricted, partially banned, or fully banned gas-powered leaf blowers in their jurisdictions, and implemented alternative technologies to combustion engine equipment.

Neonicotinoid Restriction To Protect Pollinators (2019) (PDF)

Oakland policy that (1) prohibits the city’s use of neonicotinoid Pesticides (neonicotinoids) in order to protect honey bees and other pollinators; (2) urges the adoption of state and federal restrictions on neonicotinoids; and (3) urges retailers operating in the City of Oakland to not sell neonicotinoids.

Support For Community Choice Energy (2015) (PDF)

Confirms the Oakland City Council support for Community Choice Energy in Alameda County in order to secure (1) More stable and reliable power supplies, (2) Opportunity for general fund revenue, (3) Greater use of renewable energy resources compared to those planned by PG&E, and (4) Ratepayer access to a democratically elected governing body.

Ban Of Bullhook Use On Elephants (2014) (PDF)

Prohibiting the use of a bullhook, ankus, or other implement or tool designed to inflict pain on elephants to train them or to control their behavior, and prohibiting the use of baseball bats, axe handles or pitchforks to train and/or control elephant behavior in the City of Oakland