Councilmember Bas' efforts to improve Homeless Encampment Management Policy & Program

In May 2019, Councilmember Bas introduced an informational report concerning the City's Encampment Management Policy and Program from the City Administrator, and later, introduced a supplemental report outlining specific recommendations and action steps for consideration by the City Council and City Administration.

The purpose of these efforts is to improve the Encampment Management Program, particularly regarding its overall goals of housing, health and safety, and in terms of communication and coordination with City Councilmembers, unsheltered residents, advocates and neighbors.

The item was further continued to the Life Enrichment Committee on June 25, 2019 with the agreement that the City Administrator’s Office and Councilmember Bas would meet to discuss the recommendations and develop next steps. Councilmember Bas and the City Administrator’s Office (CAO) met and discussed short-term next steps in the context of additional resources for homelessness in the new budget.