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5200 Old Redwood Road Single Family Residence Project CEQA

The approximately 1.35‐acre project site is located at 5200 Old Redwood Road in the City of Oakland, Alameda County, California (Case File # PLN18512). The project site is currently developed with a single‐story residential structure that is approximately 7,433 square feet in size, and an associated driveway providing access to Old Redwood Road. The project site is bound by Redwood Road to the north, residential and recreational uses to the west, Old Redwood Road to the west and south, and residential uses and Redwood Road to the east. Vehicular access to the project site is provided by Old Redwood Road, access to which is provided by Redwood Road.

The proposed project consists of the demolition of the existing residential structure on the project site and the construction of a two‐story, approximately 12,481‐square‐foot single‐family residence that would be built upon the existing building foundation and footprint. The proposed residence would have a maximum height of approximately 31 feet, 7 inches. The existing driveway on the project site would not be modified.

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