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2019 Permanent Access to Housing (PATH) Framework Update

In 2019 the City of Oakland updated the five year strategy to address homelessness


Oakland’s Five Year Framework (PATH) to Address Homelessness (PDF)

The PATH Framework:

-Provides a framework for addressing homelessness across the full spectrum of services from prevention and intervention to solutions/housing;

-Clearly identifies the scale and scope of the investments needed to make substantial change in the current crisis;

-Seeks to align all stakeholders on the importance of investing across the spectrum of services and in setting ambitious measurable goals; and

-Points to the absolute need to increase revenues

-Informs policy makers about what to advocate for from federal, state, county, and private funding partners.

The PATH Framework is grounded in the following values:

-Racial equity must be central to every homelessness intervention, as African American Oaklanders suffer disproportionately.

-Housing is the solution to homelessness and, as a result, every emergency intervention or bed should have a robust housing exit attached.

-Compassion and basic health and hygiene are critical for providing human dignity even when housing is not available.

-Interventions must balance the needs of both sheltered and unsheltered communities.

-Regional alignment and partnerships both private/ public and across governments are critical to success.

PATH Framework Presentation (PDF)

This presentation was presented at the December 14th, 2019 Life Enrichment Committee meeting and provides an overview of Oakland's Five Year Framework (PATH) to Address Homelessness

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