Commission on Homelessness

The Commission on Homelessness provides oversight of the Oakland vacant property tax received bv the City of Oakland for homeless services, and makes recommendations to the City Council for strategies to remedy homelessness.

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The Commission shall review relevant financial and operational reports related to the expenditure of the homeless services fund. The Commission shall publish an annual report regarding how and to what extent the City Council and Mayor have implemented this Chapter. Additionally, the Commission shall be requested to publish reports regarding the following:

  1. Recommendations from the Commission on how to prioritize the allocation of funds in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter, including for: services and programs for homeless people, reduction of homelessness, and supporting the provision of affordable housing to households qualifying as at least low-income households (those at 55% AMI or below).
  2. Information, if available, concerning the impacts of programs funded bv the Vacant Property Tax (2018 Measure W1 and 2020 Measure Q homelessness funds subject to Commission oversight this Ordinance on the occurrence of homelessness and illegal dumping outcomes in the City;
  3. Recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council on the Biennial Fiscal Year Budget, in accordance with the City Council’s Consolidated Fiscal Policy at the time, that ensures that the Commission Chair communicates homelessness priorities to the Mayor and Council: and
  4. Review and respond annually to the City’s Homeless Encampment Policy and the Permanent Access to Housing Path Plan which shall be presented to the Commission, as well as hear reports on the housing, programs, and services for persons experiencing homelessness in the City including, but not limited to. street outreach, homeless shelters, transitional housing, housing exits, and permanent supportive housing as needed.

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