Vegetation Management FAQs


Why Am I subject to inspection?
Your property is located in a high fire hazard area. The Oakland Fire Department conducts
approximately 25,000 public and private inspections annually in the high fire hazard area of the
Oakland Hills. Inspections are mandated by City of Oakland Ordinance No. 13401 and the State of
California. Inspections begin mid-May each year. Property owners are mailed reminder notifications
regarding property upkeep expectations prior to the beginning of the inspections.

How do I know what is required by me as the property owner?
The Oakland Fire Department provides a brochure, which describes according to the Oakland Fire
Code tips and helpful information for passing an inspection, such as the removing tree limbs 6 feet
from the ground, removing climbing vines and other corrective measures to remove potential fire
hazards and protect your investment.

As a property owner, what is my responsibility?
Property owners should plan to remove weeds, tall grass, brush, and tree limbs that pose a fire
hazard. Upon inspection, homeowners will receive a Vegetation Management Inspection Report with
the results of the inspection.

Where can I find information on how to meet the Fire Code requirements, and how to pass
my inspection?

Please follow this link,, and click on Compliance Standards.

How do I contact the Fire Prevention Bureau, Vegetation Management Unit?
Call (510) 238-7388.

Who will be inspecting my property?
Inspections are conducted by either City of Oakland Fire Suppression District Inspectors or Oakland
Fire Fighters.

Will I be charged for the first inspection?
No, Property owners are not charged for the first inspection.

What happens If my property does not pass the initial inspection?
Property owners who have not removed these hazards by the start of the inspection period will be
found non-compliant and will be re-inspected 30 days from the date of the initial inspection.

How will I be notified of a re-inspection?
A copy of the inspection report is left at the property location and a copy is mailed to the owner of