Vegetation Management FAQs


Why do you do inspect so often?

Inspections for vegetation in High Severity Fire Hazard Zones are required to be completed yearly per the California Fire Code 4906.1.1.

Who is inspecting my property?

For homes, the first and second round of inspections are completed by Firefighters out of the local Fire House. For vacant lots and special circumstance properties, a Vegetation Inspector from the Fire Prevention Bureau is assigned. All third round inspections are completed by Vegetation Inspectors.

What are inspectors looking for during an Annual Inspection?

Please follow this link for information on the compliance standards used during an Annual Inspection.

What happens if I fail an inspection?

Properties that fail the annual inspection are scheduled to be re-inspected on or after 30 days from first inspection. Property owners should utilize this time to mitigate any violations found by the inspector. If a parcel is found to be non-compliant on the re-inspection, an inspection fee is assessed and a third inspection is scheduled. The third inspection occurs after 14 days from the re-inspection.

What are inspection fees?

Inspection fees are issued when a parcel fails a re-inspection. An inspection fee is also issued for any third inspection, whether the property is in compliance or not. Fees are set by the City Master Fee Schedule and go into the City’s General Fund. Fees are not received by the Fire Prevention Bureau.

How can I see my inspection records?

Inspection records can be viewed on the Accela Citizen Access website.

Non-registered users can see inspection results for their properties. For detailed inspection results, including photos, users will need to register. In order to register, you will need to provide proof ownership, usually a driver’s license or ID card.

Can I access a neighbor’s inspection record?

Inspection results are not shared with those that do not own the property. We do our best to maintain privacy.

My neighbor has blatant vegetation violations, what is being done about it?

Each property in the Very High Fire Severity Hazard Zone (VHFSHZ) is inspected each year. Some owners are slow to react, and others may not respond to the notice promptly if their information has not been updated in our system. The Vegetation Management Unit does not hire outside contractors to mitigate vegetation hazards on private property. The VMU will inspect parcels, assess fees if necessary, and as a last resort, place a lien on the property in the event of unpaid inspection fees.

Can the Vegetation Management Unit force someone to remove a tree?

The VMU does not recommend or force anyone to remove trees.

If live outside of the Very High Severity Fire Hazard Zone and have a vegetation complaint, who can I call?

If you have a vegetation complaint outside of the VHSFHZ please call Oakland Code Enforcement at (510) 238-3381.