Here’s how to connect to the City’s network, using a Chromebook

Using a Chromebook to Work Remotely

Connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Remote Desktop

1. Go to Google Play Store and download/install the Microsoft Teams app

(This is so you can screen-share. Sometimes, you can’t screen-share using Teams via a browser, so we ask everyone to download and install the app.)

2. Go to Google Play Store and download/install the Global Protect app

a. After installation, the Global Protect Portal will be:
b. Log in = your (xxxxx9x) log in name and your network password (same as your computer at work)
c. When you get a “Connected” status, you’ve succeeded.

3. Go to Google Play Store and download/install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app *see below

a. Open after installation
b. Click + sign in top right corner
c. Enter your computer name = xx-xx-xxxxx
d. Gives the option to enter user name/password every time or to save them – that’s up to the user.
e. Accept the security certificate

Remote Desktop app: Be careful to get the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from Google Play Store, as there are several versions, and Chrome has its own remote desktop app that is not the same.

Note: If you were previously able to connect and now cannot connect, (1) first make sure that you are connected to GlobalProtect VPN, and then connect to your computer using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

Connect to Amazon Workspaces

Image of Chromebook screenshot .

1. Go to

2. Click the Download button under the icon of the Chromebook at the bottom of the page. It will open a new tab that goes to the Chrome Web Store.

Image of Chromebook screenshot .

3. Click the blue Add to Chrome button.

Image of Chromebook screenshot .

4. Click Add app. The app will download, install, and run Amazon WorkSpaces automatically.

Image of Chromebook screenshot .

5. Type the registration code from the screenshot on the right and then click Register.

6. Type in your username and password, and then wait. It will take approximately two minutes to load the workspace, so please be patient.

7. Once logged in, it will take some time to load your profile.