Major Development Projects

Learn more about major development projects in the City of Oakland, view our interactive city map, and keep up-to-date about major project developments.

Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program

The City of Oakland’s Soft Story Retrofit Program works to save lives by strengthening buildings with large ground-floor openings that are particularly prone to collapse during an earthquake. Effective January 22, 2019, municipal ordinance No. 13516 now requires residential property owners to strengthen these vulnerable buildings with seismic retrofits. This page provides information and resources on the ordinance, the schedule for compliance, and the process for completing the mandatory retrofit.

Manzanita Recreation Center

Manzanita Recreation Center offers many low cost and free recreational programs for the entire community. Program offerings include after school programs, karate, youth sports leagues, day camps, facility rentals, and much more. We have a gymnasium, playground, toddler play area, patio, picnic area, and lighted outdoor basketball court. Our bilingual staff speaks Spanish and English. Se habla español.

March 2020 City of Oakland Parks and Homeless Services Measure

The 2020 City of Oakland Parks and Homeless Services Measure (Measure Q) will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot. All registered Oakland voters will be eligible to vote on the ballot measure, and it will require a two-thirds “yes” vote to be approved.

Maritime Services

The Gateway Industrial District is adjacent to the Port of Oakland. The district includes 15 acres dedicated to ancillary maritime services (AMS), such as truck parking, cargo storage, truck services, as well as plans for a bulk commodities marine terminal.

Material Consumption + Waste

The third section of Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) is Material Consumption and Waste (MCW), which focuses on all food and goods that we consume or purchase, and when and how we throw them away. Oaklanders have access to robust recycling and composting services, but recyclable and organic (compostable) materials still end up in the landfill. The MCW actions work to eliminate the disposal of organic materials to landfill and strengthen edible food recovery to feed our most food insecure residents. This ECAP section envisions a thriving, low-carbon, local economy where Oaklanders can repair and reuse products easily and avoid unnecessary or redundant purchases.

Measure B, BB, and Vehicle Registration Funds

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) administers local funding sources for numerous transportation projects through the Measure B, Measure BB, and Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) funding programs.

Meet the Screening Panel

The Screening Panel is tasked with reviewing applications and recommending 30 applicants for the 2020-21 Redistricting Commission.

Merchant Watch Program

Merchants actively participate in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their business corridors. You may hear this program called Merchant Watch, Business Alert, or Business Watch. But the idea is the same: Merchants looking out for each other.

Mobile Food Vending

For the duration of the Covid-19 emergency, mobile food vending permit applications are available and no application or permit fees are required excluding Mobile Food Group Site applications.

Modernizing Transportation Impact Review

The goal of the Modernizing Transportation Impact Review (TIR) project is to better align the City of Oakland’s approach to transportation impact analysis with adopted plans and polices, which promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the development of multimodal transportation networks and a diversity of land uses.

Montclair Recreation Center

This community center is nestled in the Montclair District, complete with a duck pond, picnic areas, tennis courts, outdoor basketball court, and modern play equipment. Our center is now more accessible to community members with physical disabilities after renovations. The center offers varied, balanced, and comprehensive recreational programs at a reasonable price for all ages.