Lake Merritt Sailboat House

Lake Merritt Sailboat House is next to the nation’s largest salt water tidal lake, Lake Merritt. Built in 1954, this unique landmark houses the Lake Merritt Boating Center and Lake Merritt Institute. It has convenient access to highway and public transportation with off-street parking. Lake Merritt is home to Oakland’s oldest wildlife preserve and is often called the “Jewel of Oakland.” At night, visitors will see “Necklace of Lights," an outdoor installation with 126 lampposts and more than 4,000 light bulbs around the shoreline. At day, visitors will see grassy knolls, picnic sites, walking paths, a view of the Pergola and Colonnade. Visitors can enjoy boating, sailing and gondola rides.Parking inside Lakeside Park on Bellevue Avenue is $2.00 for two hours (or $10 for all day parking) during weekdays and $5 all day parking on the weekend and holidays. The parking operating hours are from 7:30am until dusk. Reservations are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Lake Merritt Station Area Plan

The Lake Merritt Station Area Plan envisions a culturally vibrant, mixed-income, high-intensity, mixed-use neighborhood around a rejuvenated Lake Merritt BART station.

Lake Merritt Station Area Plan Environmental Impact Report

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) evaluates a proposed project's impacts on the physical environment, such as traffic, air pollution, historic and archeological resources, biology, geology, public services and utilities, and hazardous materials. An EIR also recommends steps to avoid or minimize those impacts, called mitigation measures.

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is best known for Lake Merritt which is one of the most celebrated and accessible parks in Oakland with hundreds of visitors enjoying the park and its unique amenities daily.There are so many enjoyable activities and places to have an adventure while visiting inside Lakeside Park. Stroll along Edoff Memorial Bandstand which was built in 1923. Jog or bike along paved trails. Enjoy bird watching near the five bird islands at Lake Merritt, the oldest wildlife refuge in North America.

Lakeside Park Garden Center

Lakeside Park Garden Center and Lakeside Park features grassy knolls, a small beach area at the lake, a magnificent columned, marbled bandstand and numerous sites for outdoor inspiration.The Lakeside Park Garden Center is located inside Lakeside Park across from Lake Merritt, Lake Merritt Sailboat House and Children’s Fairyland. It is conveniently located near highway and public transportation access as well as off-street parking.Lakeside Park has a daily entrance fee as well as paid parking. Parking inside Lakeside Park on Bellevue Avenue is $2.00 for two hours (or $10 for all day parking) during weekdays and $5 all day parking on the weekend and holidays. The parking operating hours are from 7:30am until dusk. This oasis hosts garden shows, public and private events and numerous volunteer activities and services. Reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Landlord Information

The Rent Adjustment Program outlines how property owners can handle and respond to rental disputes and allows property owners to petition for pre-approval of a rent increase, exemption from the program, and to extend time for vacancy.

Lead-Safe Homes Program (LSHP)

The Lead-Safe Homes Program provides free risk assessment for lead hazards, painting services to qualified owner-occupied low- and moderate-income households.

Learn More About the Ceasefire Program

Ceasefire Oakland works in collaboration with the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College. Our strategy is constantly informed by best practices and the help of The National Network for Safe Communities. This partnership enables Oakland and communities around the United States to adopt and implement strategies that have been proven to reduce violent crime.

Legally Dispose of Your Junk

There are a lot of resources for getting rid of, and recycling, your old stuff in Oakland. We even offer a free pick up of bulky items like mattresses of refrigerators once a year!

Leona Lodge

Leona Lodge is surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature within a tranquil, wooded area. The lodge is a great location for anniversary parties, meetings, seminars, retreats and special events.The lodge contains a medium-sized banquet room, kitchen area and a large outdoor barbecue pit and patio. On-site parking is available. You may hire a caterer of your choice.The rental area includes the kitchen and outdoor barbecue area. Reservations are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Limited Public Financing Program

The Limited Public Financing Act (LPF) provides District City Council candidates with some public funds by reimbursement for eligible campaign expenses. The program goal is helping ensure that all individuals have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the elective and governmental process.

Lincoln Square Park and Recreation Center

We're a public transit friendly park and Recreation Center with two lighted outdoor playgrounds, Adult Fitness Stations, custom Tot-Lot, and "Chinese Junk-Boat" themed play-area with ADA accessibility.

List of Designated Landmarks and Heritage Properties

The Designated Landmarks shown below includes the most prominent historic properties in the city. They may be designated for historical, cultural, educational, architectural, aesthetic, or environmental value. They are nominated by their owners, the City, or the public and are designated after public hearings by the Landmarks Board, Planning Commission, and City Council. Since the program began in 1973 about 150 individual landmarks and preservation districts have been designated, out of nearly 100,000 buildings in Oakland. These buildings, sites, and features range from City Hall to the home of blues legend Brownie McGhee, from the Old Survivor Redwood Tree to the Grand Lake Theater and Roof Sign.

Loan Servicing

The Loan Servicing Unit in the Fiscal and Administrative Services division of Housing and Community Development is tasked with servicing loans provided under our First Time Homebuyer Programs, Housing Rehabilitation Programs, Housing and Community Development Projects, and other Housing related loans provided by the City of Oakland.

Lobbyist Rules

The Public Ethics Commission ensures compliance with the City of Oakland's lobbyist registration laws. The Lobbyist Registration Act requires registration and activity disclosure for individuals and groups that influence public decisions by lobbying City public servants.

Local Construction Employment Referral Program

The City of Oakland's local employment programs offer Oakland residents an opportunity to participate in the City's economic mainstream and gain experience in the construction trades.

Loss of Service

City and state laws regulate requirements for all rental units. Rental units in Oakland need to stay up to date with laws from the City of Oakland, Alameda County, and the State of California's Department of Consumer Affairs.