Child and Youth Services

Our programs support success in school, healthy transitions to adulthood, child health and wellness, and youth empowerment. Our work supports the health, safety, and well-being of children and their families.

CID Ad Hoc Committee

The objective of this Ad Hoc is to review and support public awareness and input into OPD’s revised Policies and Procedures manual for the Department’s Criminal Investigation Division; Homicide Section (19-01). The Department presented this draft for Commission review and action at the November 18, 2021 Special Meeting.

City Attorney Annual Reports

Our Annual Report summarizes financial results, litigation trends, ongoing initiatives and other work of the Oakland City Attorney's Office.

City Homekey & Rapid Response Homeless Housing (R2H2) Program

The City of Oakland Department of Housing and Community Development (City) seeks proposals for the creation of permanent, interim, or transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness through a Request for Proposals (City Homekey RFP).

City Leadership on the ECAP

The sixth section in Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) focuses on City leadership. Oakland’s Climate Emergency and Just Transition Resolution acknowledged the severity of the climate crisis and the City’s intent to be a leader on equitable climate action. This section envisions an Oakland City government that demonstrates climate leadership throughout its operations, and supports deep engagement on climate action within the community.

City of Oakland Current General Plan

The City of Oakland’s General Plan serves as the guiding policy document for the City’s future, based on community values and priorities.

City Parks

Come explore the wonders of Oakland's urban wildlands!

City Real Estate Development Opportunities

Between 2017 and 2021, our population is forecast to increase by another 20,000 people (5%) and we will approach 500,000 residents by 2031. Part of adequately serving our current residents includes planning for our new residents – where they will live and work, and what transportation they will use.

City Wide Sports

We offer sports leagues for adults and youth to get active through team sports.​​ Both teams and individuals can register for a variety of sports teams and leagues.​

Clean Lake Initiative

The City contracts with the non-profit Lake Merritt Institute to remove litter along the shoreline, maintain trash booms and aeration fountains, provide education for schools and businesses, and coordinate volunteers in these activities.

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.