The City offers safe, fun and affordable swimming programs for residents.

Private Property Complaints and Code Enforcement Services

The mission of Code Enforcement Services is to promote safe and healthy living and working environments while helping to improve the quality of life for all Oaklanders. We strive to administer a fair and unbiased enforcement program to address violations of the Oakland Municipal Codes, city ordinances, and land use regulations.

Process & Timeline

Developing a specific plan involves ongoing community engagement with the City's process of research, goal-setting, policy development, assessment of policy impacts, and development of implementable policies and action steps.

Professional Staff (Civilian) Hiring

Explore the many different jobs in the Oakland Police Department. Dispatchers, criminalists and evidence technicians are just some of the professional positions available.

Prohibition on Contractor Contributions

The Oakland Campaign Reform Act contains an extensive prohibition on contributions coming from persons negotiating certain contracts with the City of Oakland or Oakland School Board. The Act prohibits contractors as defined in the Act from making any contribution to candidates for local office between the time negotiations on the affected contracts begin and 180-days after the completion or termination of negotiations on the contract.

Protecting Residential Hotels (SROs) as Housing

Residential Hotels (SROs) are an essential component of the City’s supply of Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH), as they are a flexible and easily accessible form of housing that provides very low, and extremely low-income residents the ability to remain in Oakland and avoid homelessness. To that end, on December 4, 2018, the Oakland City Council adopted new Planning Code Chapter 17.153, which regulates the conversion, demolition, rehabilitation and sale of Residential Hotels to protect this important type of housing.

Public Art in Oakland

Public Art enlivens, enriches and enhances our visual environment and public spaces. The best public art creates a focal point for activity, a meeting place or a landmark -- and lets residents and visitors enjoy the tremendous creative talent found in our city.

Public Ethics Commission Enforcement Program

The Public Ethics Commission (PEC) has authority to impose penalties for violations of ethics laws, campaign finance laws, and lobbyist registration requirements. The Commission also can mediate or recommend “cure and correction” for violations of public records and open meetings laws, respectively.

Public Process to Develop the Truck Management Plan

The TMP is the result of a joint planning effort undertaken by the Port of Oakland and City of Oakland from October 2017 to January 2019 with substantial input from the West Oakland residential and business communities. Community input was obtained through a series of stakeholder workshops, as well as one-on-one meetings, presentations before community and business associations, and surveys.

Public Safety Programs

The Oakland Police Department works community groups, City of Oakland staff and the public make our City safe for everyone.

Public Works Maps and Data

We provide maps, data and other resources to help the public explore the city's plans, projects and services.

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