Community Action Partnerships

The Department of Human Services partners with community-based organizations to support collaboratives that improve neighborhoods and support vulnerable residents.

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)

The Community Development Block Grant Program rebuilds and revitalize depressed areas and increases access to life-enhancing services. The program provides funding for housing, economic development and neighborhood improvement/public service projects for low- and moderate-income residents in seven Community Development areas.

Community Emergency Response Team Training

Help us #ReadyOakland. Learn how to prepare for and be more resilient in times of disaster or emergency. Get trained to serve your community as an Oakland CERT Volunteer!

Community Facilities District (CFD) & Maintenance

To provide a secure source of funding and clear maintenance responsibilities, in 2015 the City formed the Community Facilities District (CFD) No. 2015-1 (Gateway Industrial District) and adopted Ordinance No. 13324 C.M.S. authorizing the annual levy of the special tax within the CFD. The CFD provides a parcel tax on properties in the City Gateway Industrial District to fund maintenance of the public roads and infrastructure. The CFD is managed by the Department of Public Works.

Community Gardening

Our community gardens enable residents to grow organic flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can volunteer in one of our gardens. We also offer rental plots. We offer youth gardening through schools, nonprofits and our recreation centers.

Community Homelessness Services

We aim to strengthen the network of Oakland's safety net services and work with partners to provide housing services for homeless and at-risk populations. Services include: Emergency Housing Program, Winter Relief Program, Emergency Winter Shelter, Homeless Mobile Outreach Program, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), and more. Formerly Community Housing Services.

Community Input

Over the past four years, the City has made an effort to engage all Oakland communities in the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan planning process - those living both inside and outside of downtown.

Community Lawyering & Civil Rights Unit

Standing up for civil rights, constitutional values and legal equity in Oakland through affirmative litigation, policy development and community partnerships.

Community Resource Officers

Community Resource Officers (CRO) engage in problem solving projects, attend Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (or Neighborhood Council) meetings. They serve as liaisons with city service teams, lead enforcement projects and coordinate with other OPD patrol and professional staff.

Community Safety

<p>We must improve public safety using a holistic approach, including more police, better community policing, intervention and prevention programs, as well as addressing the root causes of crime starting with better jobs and education. Oakland will not grow unless people are confident it is getting safer.</p>

Community-Police Partnerships

Looking for the next Neighborhood Council meeting? Want to know the name of your Community Resource officer? Read here to learn all about the community-policing resources in your neighborhood.

Condominium Conversions

The City of Oakland recently amended its condominium conversion regulations to require replacement rental housing for the conversion of two or more housing units, to remove the provision allowing the generation of conversion rights when the units are offered as rental units for seven or more years, to acknowledge the applicability of the Oakland Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance (O.M.C. section 8.22.300 et seq.), and corresponding regulations, and the Oakland Rent Adjustment Ordinance (O.M.C. section 8.22.010 et seq.) and corresponding regulations, and to afford greater rights and protections to existing tenants.

CORE Program Policies & Procedures

The CORE Program trains community to both prepare for and respond to all kinds of emergencies that we may face locally. Each training and/or volunteer deployment type will differ and so will the related policies and procedures.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, And Economic Security (CARES) Act Funding

The City of Oakland received $36.9 million in CARES Act Funding allocated from the State of California. Funds were used to provide financial and technical assistance to Oaklanders and address the City’s ongoing public health and safety impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Councilmember Bas' COVID-19 Updates & Resource Hub

<strong>Below in the "Topics" section, </strong>see the City of Oakland's official COVID-19 resource hub with supports for businesses, workers, residents, employees, unsheltered neighbors; citywide Town Halls; city service modifications, and other latest updates. <br><br><strong>For Councilmember Fortunato Bas' COVID-19 updates</strong>, see the "About" section. These e-blasts contain additional community resources, opportunities, calls to action, and spotlights on District 2 community heroes through this pandemic.