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Oakland’s first Bike Plan began in 1994 and was adopted in 1999 as part of the Land Use and Transportation Element of the City’s General Plan. The Plan defined a policy vision and established a citywide bikeway network of bike paths, lanes, and routes. In 2007, the City updated the Plan which refined the bikeway network through analysis of street conditionsand interactions between bikes and buses.

The upcoming Bike Plan will focus on the following:

  • Updating the Plan’s vision, goals, and policies, with a focus on equity;
  • Engaging the community;
  • Documenting existing conditions and current best practices;
  • Planning for a network of high-quality bikeways to serve all ages and abilities;
  • Establishing a method for measuring the quality and connectivity of bikeways; and
  • Developing an action plan with performance measures for increasing the number of people who bike, decreasing bicyclist crashes, and improving the quality of bikeways.

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