Oakland Police Department (OPD) Policies

We believe in being open and accountable as part of our commitment to constitutional and ethical policing. You can read our Policies and Procedures here.


Police Policy Manual

Chapter 1 - Law Enforcement Role and Authority

100Law Enforcement Authority 1 JUL 16
101Chief Executive Officer 1 JUL 16
103Policy Manual 1 JUL 16

Chapter 2 - Organization And Administration

201Special Orders1 JUL 16
202Emergency Management Plan 22 Aug 16

Chapter 3 - General Operations

302Handcuffing and Restraints13 JUN 17
304Electronic Control Weapon Policy13 JUN 17

Chapter 4 - Patrol Operations

405Ride-Along1 JUN 17
415Immigration1 JUN 17
移民政策I JUN 17
Inmigración1 JUN 17
430Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs)25 JUL 16

Chapter 5 - Traffic Operations

Chapter 6 - Investigation Operations

609Cellular Site Simulator Policy 17 FEB 17
610Private Video Camera Registry 15 FEB 18

Chapter 7 - Equipment

Cash Handling, Security and Management Policy 8 AUG 17

Chapter 8 - Support Services

Chapter 9 - Custody

Chapter 10 - Personnel

Departmental General Orders

Manual of Rules

General Order NumberEffective DateTitle
DGO A-0128 Jul 08 Departmental Publications
DGO A-02 09 Jul 18DGO A-02 Administrative Communications
DGO A-03 09 Jul 18 Department Organization
DGO A-0419 Jan 00Police Reserve Program
DGO A-0610 Jul 96 Departmental Historian
DGO A-07 09 Jul 18 Annual Management Reports
DGO A-10 15 Nov 99Training and Reference Material, Purchase and Maintenance
DGO A-1221 Apr 00Suggestion System
DGO A-148 Apr 97Security of Police Administration Building
DGO A-1629 Jun 99Public Information
DGO A-1719 Apr 00Crime Analysis
DGO A-1816 Dec 03Management-Level Liaison
DGO A-19 09 Jul 18Supervisory Span of Control
DGO B-0130 Nov 98Department Awards
DGO B-0228 Jun 00Termination-Unpaid Leave-Mandatory Leave
DGO B-0330 Jul 01Outside Employment
DGO B-0423 Dec 13 Personnel Assignments, Selection Process, and Transfer
DGO B-0519 May 99Training and Self Improvement Funds
DGO B-0626 May 06Performance Appraisal
SO 879126 Nov 07Revision of DGO B-06
SO 88325 Mar 08Update of DGO B-06, Part II - Performance Review
DGO B-0730 Dec 05Public Appearances
DGO B-082 Jun 14Field Training Program
DGO B-1027 Oct 00Funeral Procedures
DGO B-1111 Jan 00Use of Gymnasium
DGO B-1230 May 07Firearms Range Program
DGO B-1322 Aug 00Recruit School Performance Standards
DGO B-1415 Apr 08Emergency Information Records
DGO B-1511 Apr 08Police Cadet Program
DGO B-1615 Jan 09Volunteer Police Chaplaincy Program
DGO B-1722 Apr 15Critical Incident Stress Management Program
DGO B-206 Apr 05Department Training Procedures
DGO B-2123 Feb 99Department Honor Guard
DGO B-2229 May 09Supervisory Notes Files
DGO C-0130 Oct 17Uniforms and Equipment
DGO C-201 Jun 00Uniform and Equipment Damage Claim
DGO C-0424 Apr 14Safety Equipment
DGO C-052 Aug 9Badge-Cap Shield-ID Card- and Call Box Key Control
DGO C-0612 Mar 15Safety Glasses
DGO C-08 4 Dec 09Oleoresin Capsicum
DGO D-012 Jul 99Overtime Accounting and Compensation
DGO D-0231 Aug 99Family Death Leave
DGO D-041 Apr 10Illness and Injury Procedures
DGO D-0616 Jun 98Representation Units
DGO D-0725 Jun 99Personnel Assignment and Distribution
DGO D-099 Dec 99Hours of Duty and Meal Periods
DGO D-1030 Jul 99Jury Duty
DGO D-121 Jun 09Military Leave
DGO D-1317 Jun 99Assignment to Acting Higher Rank or Classification
DGO D-13.114 May 14Acting Sergeants
DOG D-1525 Jul 96Domestic Partner Benefits
DGO D-1624 Dec 03Check In and Orientation Procedures
DGO D-1720 Nov 13Personnel Assessment System (PAS)
DGO E-0115 Jul 11Departmental Subpoena Service
DGO E-0211 Jun 99Warrant Service on Department Personnel
DGO E-0325 Apr 00Civil Action Proceedings
DGO E-03.19 Oct 09Department Notification
DGO E-4022 Mar 13Domestic Violence
DGO E-0715 Jul 11Probable Cause Declaration
DGO E-07.103 Oct 14Electronic Consolidated Arrest Report
DGO F-0102 Mar 09Toll Crossing
DGO F-02 25 Apr 08Business Travel
DGO F-0310 Apr 00 Federal Asset Forfeiture Management
DGO F-041 Nov 07Plainclothes Operations
DGO F-05 23 Jun 00Undercover Expenditures
DGO F-0615 Aug 00 State Asset Forfeiture Management
DGO F-07 15 May 07Drivers Licenses
DGO G-0128 Feb 01Communicable Disease Control
DGO G-0201 May 00Occupational Accidents
DGO G-0424 Aug 98Department Safety
DGO G-0523 Feb 00Handling Hazardous Material
DGO G-0611 May 99Major Incident Board of Review
DGO G-0730 Dec 88Emergency Evacuation Procedures
DGO H-0218 Jun 99Property of Deceased Persons
DGO H-0312 Dec 11Depositing Property and Evidence
DGO H-0413 Mar 00Weapons Taken from Mentally Disordered Persons
DGO H-0615 Nov 00Police Seals
DGO H-0703 Jul 13Withdrawing, Viewing and Returning Evidence
DGO H-0811 Sep 00Property and Evidence Unit Security
DGO H-0921 May 01Disposal of Firearms and Miscellaneous Weapons
DGO H-1012 Dec 11Property Clearance and Disposal
DGO I-011 Jul 09Personal Computers
DGO I-0512 Jan 08Communications Control and Coordination
DGO I-067 Oct 97Police Escort for Private Conveyances
DGO I-0728 Mar 12Radio Call Numbers
DGO I-1415 Dec 09Computerized Police Reporting
DGO I-15.121 Jul 15Portable Video Management System (Body Worn Cameras)
DGO I-169 Jan 09TeleStaff
DGO I-16.15 Sep 08Daily Detail
DGO I-177 Sep 07GETS Card
DGO I-185 Dec 07Computer Mnemonics
DGO I-192 Feb 09Cell Phones
DGO J-016 Aug 99Recovered Bicycles
DGO J-021 Feb 02Traffic Collisions Scene Management
DGO J-03 7 Apr 00Towing Procedures
SO 6031 25 Sep 01Towing Procedures, 25 Sep 01
SO 8098 6 Dec 05Towing Procedures, 6 Dec 05
SO 8793 25 Nov 07Update of DGO J-3 and RWM T-19, Towing Procedures
DGO J-04 18 Jan 14Pursuit Driving
DGO J-04.1 30 May 07Emergency Driving Procedures
DGO K-0316 Dec 13Use of Force
DGO K-04 16 Oct 14Reporting and Investigating the Use of Force
DGO K-04.116 Dec 15Force Review Boards
DGO K-05 25 Feb 00Tactical Operations Team
DGO K-066 Oct 08Patrol Rifle Program
DGO K-09 16 Oct 14Department Canine Unit
DGO K-1028 Feb 14Undercover Operations
DGO L-0330 Oct 13Assistance to Outside Jurisdictions and Mutual Aid
DGO L-0817 Mar 00Aircraft Hijacking
DGO L-0929 Mar 02Power Outage Plan
DGO M-0222 Dec 00Report Processing and Detaining
DGO M-03 22 Dec 17Complaints Against Departmental Personnel or Procedures
DGO M-03.1 10 Nov 08Informal Complaint Resolution Process
DGO M-03.2 6 Dec 05Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB)
DGO M-03.3 24 Dec 10Integrity Testing
DGO M-04 01 Dec 17Coordination of Criminal Investigations
DGO M-04.1 07 Sep 16Criminal Investigations Involving Active Law Enforcement, or a Member or Employee of the Department
DGO M-0629 Sep 97Prisoner Lineups
DGO M-0725 Oct 96Citations for Adult Misdemeanors
DGO M-0827 Oct 00Follow-Up Reporting Procedures
DGO M-097 Dec 07Release of Records
DGO M 09.017 Dec 07Public Records Access
DGO M-106 Nov 01Recovery of Stolen Property from Secondhand Dealers
DGO M-111 Dec 00Restitution as a Condition of Probation
DGO M-134 Jan 01Reporting and Investigating Hate Crimes
DGO M-159 Nov 01Release of Information About Sex Offenders
DGO M-1728 Jun 99Criminal Intelligence
DGO M-1813 Nov 14Arrest Approval and Report Review
DGO M-19 15 Nov 04Prohibitions Regarding Racial Profiling and Other Bias-Based Policing
SO 9042 11 Jun 10New Procedures Regarding Stop Data Collection
SO 9061 13 May 11New FBR Integrated Stop Data and Field Interview Form
DGO N-12 23 Mar 01Departmental Audits and Inspections
SO 8011 9 May 03Compliance Unit Liaison Policy
DGO O-013 Oct 14Mentally Disordered Persons
TF-3354Sep 14Mental Health Resource Card
DGO O-1.13 Oct 14Crisis Intervention Program
SO 909825 Mar 13Addition of Mental Health Disposition Code
DGO N-01 4 NOV 94Ordering Supplies and Services
DGO N-02.1 27 Jan 11Purchase and Inventory of Supplies
DGO N-03 15 Jul 11Control of Department Forms
DGO N-07 15 Jul 11Reprographics Service
DGO N-09 25 Sep 07Police Grants
DGO N-12 23 Mar 01Department Audits and Inspections
DGO O-1.1 3 Oct 14Crisis Intervention Program
DGO O-04 06 Jun 14Informants
DGO O-06 15 Mar 01Missing and Abducted Persons
DGO O-06.1 8 Sep 11Amber Alert
DGO O-07 10 Nov 00Victim - Witness Assistance
DGO P-02 19 May 00Admin Per Se
DGO O-09 31 Oct 01Detention of Juvenile Offenders
DGO P-06 10Jul 09Offenses Involving School Personnel
DGO Q-01 18 Jun 12Major Incident Notifications
DGO Z-03 1 Sep 10Alarm Systems