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Oakland Civic Design Lab

Our mission is to deconstruct and reimagine the delivery of government services and the distribution of government resources through building authentic community relationships and empowering City staff.


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Aug 29, 2019

The Civic Design Lab is hiring for a service designer!

Position Summary

Work with the Civic Design Lab, Oakland, CA, USA to radically re-envision how government does its work. Join us to see how service design can play a direct role in improving the local government service delivery and empowering community and staff; engage in high impact projects using human centered design as a tool. Participate in one on one interviews, collaborative charrettes, data and policy analysis as well as community workshops to tell stories of resilience and community empowerment. This fellowship is especially appropriate for designers, technologists, and writers who are interested in civic service design delivery process and understanding the communicative, strategic, and cultural dynamics of the city through the racial equity lens. Fellows will have the opportunity to shape an ambitious governmental agendathat the Civic Design Lab is supporting through the City of Oakland’s various departments.



To deconstruct and reimagine the delivery of government services and the distribution of government resources though building authentic inclusive community relationships and empowering City staff.


We will empower impacted people by working to transform how they experience the City of Oakland through challenging existing narratives about how government works and by promoting a culture of racial equity and inclusion, innovation, accountability and transparent decision making among City staff and leadership.


- Creating space for intentional racially inclusive community access to decision makers.

- Creating space for intentional inclusive opportunities for government workers to engage with and build with community.

- Creating space for intentional shared community/government access to the solution generating pro-equity process.

- Increased community trust in City government.

- Measurable change in the lived experiences of residents most impacted by racial disparities.

- Measurable change in government culture and operations.

- Measurable change how community and the City government interact.

- Transparent decision making and project selection processes.

- Transparent sharing of outcomes.

- Transparent sharing of challenges.

- Transparent sharing of lessons learned and modifications made as a result.

- Transparent sharing of resources.

- Community accountability through role as constituents.

- City accountability through role as a services provider.

- Shared responsibility, when all are active in their role, it makes room for everyone to thrive.

- Operating from a mindset of abundance.

- Understanding that some solutions may require the use of more resources.

- Intentional focus on racial disparities, their root causes and how those disparities are perpetrated by institutions and systems.

- Defining benchmarks, tracking racial disparity data, and measuring outcomes as drivers for success to eliminate racial disparities in Oakland

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