Oakland Army Base Project

West Oakland, the former Oakland Army Base served as a U.S. Army facility until it closed in 1999. In 2000, the Oakland City Council designated the Base and surrounding properties as a Redevelopment Project Area.

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Project Description

The 1,800-acre Army Base Project Area was divided into three major sub-districts: 16th and Wood, Maritime, and Oakland Army Base (OARB). The OARB was further divided into two areas: the Gateway Development Area owned by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency and the Port Development Area owned by the Port of Oakland. Following the dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency in 2012 as a consequence of ABx1 26, the Gateway Development Area was transferred to the City by deed, and the City assumed all of the environmental obligations attached to the entire former OARB sub-district, and all of the redevelopment obligations for the Gateway Development Area.

Quick Fact References

  • OARB Boundaries: Interstate 80, East Bay Municipal District wastewater treatment plant, Oakland Inner, Middle and Outer Harbor (Port of Oakland), Interstate 880, 7th Street
  • Approximate OARB Land Area: 310 acres (City 159 acres / Port 151 acres), excluding submerged lands and existing roadways.