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There are many Preparedness Programs being offered in Oakland. Explore the list below to see which Emergency Preparedness opportunity is best for your family

Know Your Hazards

Knowing what hazards may impact you and your pet is half the battle. The best way to prepare your pet is to understand the impacts that potential hazards may have on your home. You can start by reviewing the City of Oakland's Local Hazard Mitigation Plan [LHMP] linked here. The LHMP provides a direction for reducing the potential for loss of life, property damage, and environmental degradation from natural disasters, while accelerating economic recovery from those disasters.

Emergency Preparedness Workshops and Seminar in Oakland


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Listos is a grass-roots disaster preparedness program that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of Spanish-speaking communities. The program is delivered in a format that is both culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target population.

Alertar y Preparar LISTOS was developed by Aware & Prepare to provide Spanish-language disaster preparedness education, both locally and nationally. The core of the Alertar y Preparar LISTOS design is based on building sustainable relationships and partnerships with local businesses, community leaders, and non-profit organizations.

Get Prepared with Listos

Oakland Community Preparedness & Response Program

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Oakland CP&R’s goals are to increase the number of well-organized and active neighborhoods, communicate emergency notification and evacuation procedures, provide PG&E power shutoff preparedness tips, promote hardening of residences and communities against wildfire and earthquake, and help ensure a safer recovery from a disaster, among other efforts.

OCP&R Offerings

Don't forget your pet! Click here for tips on pet preparedness.