Facts about Oakland

From our population to our elevation, this is the place to get the current information about the City of Oakland.



Mission Statement

The City of Oakland is committed to the delivery of effective, courteous and responsive services. Citizens and employees shall be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Civic and employee pride are accomplished through the pursuit of excellence by a work force that values and reflects the diversity of the Oakland community.

City Profile

Incorporated in 1852, Oakland is the eighth largest city in California, with a population of about 410,000 and a wealth of resources and opportunities. Located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is bordered by 19 miles of coastline to the west and rolling hills to the east, which provide unparalleled vistas of the Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Basic Facts

Year Founded: 1772
Year Chartered: 1852
Population (2016): 412,040
Median Age (2010): 36.2
Number of Housing Units (2010): 169,710
Median Household Income(2012) $51,863


Total Area: 78.0 square miles
Latitude: 37°48′19″N
Longitude 122°16′21″W
Highest Point: Grizzly Peak Boulevard, 1,760 feet
Lowest Point: Sea Level
Average Altitude: 13 feet


Average Annual Precipitation: 23.96 inches
Average Temperature July: 73 degrees
Average Temperature December: 53 degrees