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Environmental Protection and Compliance

​Environmental Protection and Compliance staff design and implement best management practices to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and achievement of green business objectives at properties owned, operated or identified for acquisition by the City of Oakland.


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Staff is committed to a risk-based approach that protects human health and environmental resources while minimizing costs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Write, maintain and update Hazardous Materials Business Plans for 45 facilities
  • Design, maintain and update Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for the City’s three operations and maintenance yards
  • Design, maintain and update Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans for five large-capacity above-ground storage tanks
  • Test leak protection equiment and upgrade, as needed, 40 fuel tanks for Police, Fire and Public Works operations.
  • Oversee the proper collection and disposal of hazardous wastes produced by City operations
  • Develop water conservation plans to reduce water usage and associated costs at City facilities
  • Obtain regulatory permits for stationary sources of air emissions, including 20 emergency generators, 13 fuel tanks, two paint booths and two fire pumps
  • Lead efforts to obtain Green Business Certification for City facilities under the Alameda County Green Business Program
  • Perform human health and ecological risk assessments related to hazardous materials impacting subsurface infrastructure improvements, facility renovations and the redevelopment of brownfields
  • Design and manage the cleanup of hazardous materials, such as contaminated soil and groundwater, asbestos and lead paint