Staff is committed to a risk-based approach that protects human health and environmental resources while minimizing costs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Write, maintain and update Hazardous Materials Business Plans for 45 facilities
  • Design, maintain and update Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for the City’s three operations and maintenance yards
  • Design, maintain and update Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans for five large-capacity above-ground storage tanks
  • Test leak protection equiment and upgrade, as needed, 40 fuel tanks for Police, Fire and Public Works operations.
  • Oversee the proper collection and disposal of hazardous wastes produced by City operations
  • Develop water conservation plans to reduce water usage and associated costs at City facilities
  • Obtain regulatory permits for stationary sources of air emissions, including 20 emergency generators, 13 fuel tanks, two paint booths and two fire pumps
  • Lead efforts to obtain Green Business Certification for City facilities under the Alameda County Green Business Program
  • Perform human health and ecological risk assessments related to hazardous materials impacting subsurface infrastructure improvements, facility renovations and the redevelopment of brownfields
  • Design and manage the cleanup of hazardous materials, such as contaminated soil and groundwater, asbestos and lead paint